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Security risk: Trump: “Not happy” about Oracle-Tiktok-Deal

Security risk
Trump: “Not happy” about Oracle-Tiktok-Deal

Microsoft negotiated for weeks over a purchase of the Tiktok business in the United States, Canada, new Zealand and Australia. Photo: –/XinHua/Reuters

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The Video App Tiktok tried to secure their future in the United States through a Deal with the Software company Oracle. However, U.S. President Donald Trump has doubts – and time is on his side.

US President, Donald Trump has dampened prospects for the Deal, intended to save the Video App Tiktok in the United States.

According to previous announcements, the American Software group Oracle will assume the role of a “technology-partner”, while according to media, the Chinese Tiktok reports-owner of byte dance wants to retain a majority stake. With such a solution, he would not be “happy,” Trump said on Wednesday. He will, however, informed on Thursday about the details of the Plan.

The “Wall Street Journal” reported after, the White house insist that American investors get the majority of the Tiktok.

Trump was byte-dance originally, prior to the choice to part with either of Tiktok, or to take one From the App in the USA in buying. Trump Tiktok referred to as a security risk on the grounds that Chinese authorities could come to the data of Americans. Tiktok and bytes dance contest this.

Microsoft negotiated for weeks over a purchase of the Tiktok business in the United States, Canada, new Zealand and Australia. However, the Chinese government has torpedoed this solution with a new rule, according to which the Software may Algorithms, such as the Tiktok will be sold only with the approval of Beijing, and abroad.

As a result, the new Plan with the participation of Oracle, has been developed. According to media reports Oracle should take over the storage of the data from US users and also access to the Software Code from Tiktok get. So it should be ensured that the platform did not contain any back doors for the Chinese authorities. In addition, the global business of Tiktok will be bundled according to the Plan, in a new company, with headquarters in the United States, it said.

Among other things, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wool now achieve significantly more than 50 percent of the shares in this company with American investors. In addition to Oracle, and venture capitalists, the supermarket giant Walmart to be the wanted to participate in Microsoft’s Deal.

Trump complained that he had to give up his idea that the US government gets a sort of Commission from the sale of the Tiktok-business, because his government had made the Deal possible. “There is no legal way to do it,” said Trump. “I said, wait, you want to pay the government a substantial amount of money – and we are not allowed to accept the money? How stupid can we be?”

Trump had initially said American companies and people do business with Tiktok under. This arrangement is intended to occur on the weekend in power – there is no Deal, it is likely to mean for the time being, the From of Tiktok in the United States.

In the middle of November is also another Trump decree, according to which byte of the dance of all the data of users in the United States must separate. Also byte dance in the United States may have no property that will be used for the operation of the Tiktok.

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