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Secured $SHIP Has Announced a New Platform for Play, Earn and Hold Crypto

Cape Coral, Florida, 13 Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Secured $SHIP has announced a new platform for Play, Earn and Hold crypto. Cryptocurrency has become a huge global phenomenon in recent years, various industries are taking advantage of the convenience provided by cryptocurrencies, and one of those industries is online gaming. Crypto games are video games that run on cryptocurrency networks and include completely or partially distributed ledger architecture, providing players with verifiable ownership over the virtual products contained in the games.

The Secured ship, $SHIP, is a BEP-20 Token on the Binance Smart Chain that is also used as a reward for the in-game winners of their own game, also called “Secured Ship”, the game comes from the category of hyper-casual space shooters that furthers into lore where all your allied ships are defeated by the invaders and now you are the only one left with the last ship and you are tasked to keep the ship safe and secured meanwhile defeating the invaders, the game also involves a point system coupled with in-game power-ups. 

  The team behind Secured ship believes that cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future, and the current upheaval in the crypto gaming market capitalization just proves that. Multiple crypto gaming companies raised more than $400 million over the first half of 2021 with Axie infinity being the most successful sitting at a market cap of $8 billion at the time of this article, the sole reason for the huge success of the crypto gaming company seems to be the combination of the two extremely popular industries: crypto and gaming. Like many other games that use cryptocurrency as the in-game currency, Secured Ship also does the same by equipping their native token $SHIP for all in-game transactions, the game being a hyper-casual gem is highly addictive and is globally available on the Google Play store for free.

How do you earn through crypto gaming?

 All this while, it was only developers of the game or the games studios who made profits from the virtual coins that were sold to the gamers or users because these assets had only vanity value to them. This meant that almost everything you could buy in a game ranging from skin, armor, upgrades, and battle passes that had only a limited value, despite users spending real money to purchase them. But with the emergence of crypto games, the status quo is now evolving. While regular games have fundamentally been about entertainment, crypto games bring forward entertainment with the added advantage of earning real money while playing, like in the game Secured ship player can earn just by completing objectives and there is also a weekly reward feature that awards BNB rewards to the weekly Top 3 players.

Why Secured Ship?

According to CipherTrace, Decentralized Finance (defi) rug pulls and exit scams comprise 99% of all crypto frauds, not only that, these defi related hacks now make up more than a total of 60% of the Hack and Theft volume in 2021, majority of these scams are linked to smart contracts and to hide and launder funds, due to these hacks and scams ruining the of investors in the defi space, especially the BSC space, there was a necessity for projects like Secured Ship to rise and reinstate the trust of the investor crowd in the Decentralized Finance, the team took it in their hand to build a haven for investors where they don’t have to lose over their investments, Amidst all the mistrust going on in the defi space, Secured ship offered multiple ways for investors to make profitable returns on their investments.


Unlike other projects in the BSC space, Secured ship allows their investor to take profits on their investments in not just one but multiple ways, passive income being one of them, Holders are rewarded from transaction fees whereas there are also other ways to earn through the game if you are brave enough to take all the invaders alone. 

Transaction fee Redistribution:

With a total supply of 1 quadrillion, there is a transaction fee of 10 percent broken down into 2 percent for Liquidity Pool, 2 percent for Burn, 2 percent as rewards for the holders, and 4 percent for Marketing. The reward system ensures and encourages the investors to hold their balance for a longer period to gain more rewards apart from the value of the tokens going up, also aiding the buying pressure.


The team recently burned 10 percent of the total supply that was accumulated in the burn wallet till then, along with that they are already promoting the project through social media ad campaigns on Twitter and other social media platforms along with constant shilling competitions being run to keep the community engaged, other than that they also put up a billboard in the New York time square.

Keeping current trends and the seemingly ever-growing crypto gaming industry in consideration, it is highly likely for Secured ship to make a safe landing on the moon, in the ongoing bull run, the game is easy, rewarding, and highly addictive, and will attract a lot of avid gamers.

Website: http://securedship.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/securedship

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SecuredShip

Media Contact:
Dave Ruiz
[email protected]
Telegram: https://telegram.me/cryptokidfinance

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