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Salary comparison: The graduates earn at their first job

Salary comparison
The graduates earn at their first job

Graduates have excellent career opportunities

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Those who strive through a course of study, is usually rewarded with a good salary. An Overview shows, who can anticipate what entry-level salaries.

Under difficult conditions, and the winter semester begins these days at the universities. Many events can take place only in digital, the first-semester party and also some of a semester abroad falls into the water. Nevertheless, A degree improves one’s job opportunities and pays for itself in the rule later, financially, the current adversity to change anything.

The average starting salary of a graduate is around 48,000 Euro, as a recent evaluation of the portal Gehalt.de shows. A Non-academic deserves to start in the middle, only 31.500 Euro gross in the year.

The evaluation, for the approximately 44,000 salary data of graduates were analyzed, shows that there is also between the Studied large differences. This is a quite a considerable extent, of course, what one studied. So many engineers get into a profession starting salaries of more than 50,000 euros. Also, computer scientists, natural scientists, and – with slight smears – economists as well. A little heavier on the labour market, researchers in the Humanities, their average starting salary, according to the data only in the case of 33.500 euros have it.

The table shows the starting salaries for graduates with less than three years of work experience in the Overview. Q1 is the value at which one-quarter earn less and three-quarters more, the Median is the middle salary value, and Q3 denotes the threshold of the highest-earning quarter.

Table: starting salaries of Bachelor’s and master’s graduates




Engineering Sciences

€ 43,600

51.000 Euro

55.900 EUR

Computer science

43.100 Euro

48,400 Euro

To 54,500 euros


40.500 Euro

47.500 Euro

55.900 EUR


37.800 Euro

44.300 Euro

52.100 Euro


29,600 euros

33.500 euros

39.000 Euro

Academics in General

42,500 euros

48.100 Euro

55.200 Euro


27.200 Euro

31.500 Euro

36.800 euros

Source: Gehalt.de

A doctor earns more

In addition, the data show that other factors have a direct impact on the starting salary. A doctor opened the title not only of the way in a more academic career, but also in a particularly lucrative job with a higher starting salary. Particularly strong is the effect of the nature of science is learning, where the PhD entrants earn on average 30 percent more than Bachelor’s and master’s graduates. Also in the Spirit of scientists Plus doctors, with 27 percent at a similar rate. In Economics, the doctor makes up only 17 percent more content.

Another content factor is the size of the company. Because the General rule is that larger firms pay higher salaries. The starting salary for graduates in small businesses up to 100 employees, according to evaluation of around Euro 40,400. In medium-sized companies are already 49.300 Euro and in companies of over 1000 employees around 52,500 Euro. Also huge regional differences: In Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Bavaria, the highest salaries are paid, in the Eastern German States, the lowest. However, the cost of living are much lower.

No Corona-breakage expected

A decrease in the salaries due to the Corona-crisis, the content experts don’t expect the Rest of the. “On the one hand, in the case of a reduction in the starting salaries for the company at a competitive disadvantage in the labour market after the end of the crisis would arise. On the other hand, wage structures within a company unit must remain and internally comparable,” says Philip Bierbach, managing Director of Gehalt.de. He predicts: “The salaries for career beginners and beginners not to fall in the Total.”

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