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RoyalStox Review – Is RoyalStox Scam or Legit?

Finally revealed! How anybody can attain financial freedom in a short time. I write to you because it is an open secret that the world is full of financial opportunities. The answers to your financial struggles are within your fingertips. Won’t you love to key into this boundless opportunities? Technology has made the world a global village. You ought to make full use of these opportunities. It is your paramount aim to solve your financial problem and meet up with your financial goals and objectives.

Investing in financial assets is one of such opportunities that could change your financial status in no long time. Investors around the world understand this. They get their money working for them instead of letting it sit for years in the bank. It’s called currency, your money carries the current which you should get to work for you. 

However, making the decision to invest in financial assets has two sides. You either win or lose. The losses are usually great and turn into a hunting nightmare when you make an uninformed decision. But the losses could be avoided when you have the right information. You have made a great step in getting information by reading this review. To achieve success from your investment in financial assets you must take the right approach and decision. Like every other venture in life, you need to make plans. You must carefully observe the financial market and set your goal and objectives.

Setting goals and objectives is the very first stage a wise investor must take seriously. You must consider your assets, time, capital, and several other factors. This would help you ascertain the right type of investment to make, your expectation of return, and the guideline to follow for successful profits. Frankly, setting goals is a game-changer in the financial market. 

Now that you have set your goals and objectives, the successive step is determining what class of assets you have the resources to trade-in. Financial markets fluctuate, the stock goes up, and sometimes they come down. Determining your class of assets will set you for success as you will know your stand and hold firmly to it. 

Nevertheless, there are several financial assets and trading products readily available to investors, but you would need to make a wise decision on the base asset to invest in. It is a good bet to diversity and spread your capital on several assets but it is important for one to have a base asset before diversifying.  A wise decision on the financial asset or product sets you for profit and limits your chances of losses.

If you have gainfully made all these decisions, then you would get profit from your investment if you choose the right investment brokerage platform. This platform serves as a media through which an investor will perform trade actions. They serve as the link between investors and their financial assets. The decision of a brokerage platform can completely render all other decisions made above useless. Investors must get their investment brokerage platform right. 

It is critical to seek good advice before selecting a brokerage platform. Sadly, there are several scrupulous investment brokerage platforms out to dupe you of your hard-earned money. However, RoyalStox stands out of this crowd of scrupulous investment brokerage platforms. RoyalStox to is one of the few credible platforms trusted by thousands of investors around the world. Nevertheless, it is always great to make an informed decision. Enclosed here is a review that reveals the management of RoyalStox, we’ve put this together to help you make an informed decision on the right investment brokerage platform for you.



Broker RoyalStox
Website https://royalstox.com/
Trading platform Web-based 
Account Tiers Green Account, Premium Account, Platinum Account, Executive Account, and Presidential Account
Account types Demo Account 
Assets coverage Cryptocurrency trading, Forex trading (Seventeen (17) currency pairs), CFD (Contract For Difference), indices
Commissions Zero Commissions
Trading Resources Education and Training
Account Funding and Withdrawal Credit/Debit cards

Wire Transfer


Customer Service Available 24 hours a day, and five business days a week
Parent Company RoyalStox
Regulations Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


Introduction to RoyalStox 

RoyalStox is a well-known investment brokerage platform. It is a cryptocurrency and forex trading platform operated by seasoned professionals. One unique feature of RoyalStox is that they do not only trade in forex and cryptocurrency, they also provide clients like you with the extraordinary alternative of trading other assets like indices, CFD (Contract For Difference), etc.

 Over the years, RoyalStox has shown deep concern for customer care and development. They constantly upgrade their services and offer relevant information. Although RoyalStox is not a long time existing venture, they have superseded their competitors by providing reliable services that clients seek. 

It would interest you to know that several other platforms that claim to be long existing in the investment business have gotten worse providing outdated resources in recent years. RoyalStox, on the other hand, prioritizes updating services and have reclaimed their name as the king of the online forex and cryptocurrency trading in the eyes of investors. 

Surprisingly, RoyalStox is very flexible. They accommodate the trading needs of every client. This platform offers a user-friendly experience, they make provision for lots of relevant tools that clients and investors find resourceful and exciting.

Moreover, RoyalStox is beginner-friendly. They also advance in offering educational programs for clients. Certainly, RoyalStox is focused on making a positive difference in the world of online investment. Their priority is establishing an overall successful trading experience. 

As stated earlier, an informed decision is the bedrock of successful investment and meaningful returns. RoyalStox keeps this in mind and readily provides valuable information that would aid every prospect and client in making an informed decision. They basically meet the need of every kind of individual, ranging from the newbie to the expert in the world of investment. 

The aim of the RoyalStox academy is to fundamentally offer courses that would provide each trader or investor with all the needed tools and resources required to establish a blissful trading career. Several clients using RoyalStox have attested to trying out new skills and market tactics from these courses. Some have also performed new trading analysis and perfected their deals through the resourceful information from RoyalStox academy. 

RoyalStox also understands that efficiency is the soul of business. Brief browsing of the platform will leave you with the same impression. They go to the extreme in ensuring that their platform is adequate and pleasant for all users. Probably, this is a good reason they are referred to as the king of online forex and cryptocurrency trading.

 The founders of this platform take ample time to ensure that their platform is convenient, efficient, and fun for all their users. RoyalStox makes online trading not just easier, but faster and safer. Plus, they have great beginner-friendly features that stand out. Their services in both forex and cryptocurrency trading are amazing.

RoyalStox has an incredible customer care service unlike many other platforms. Their customer support unit is well informed in both forex assets, cryptocurrency, and client management. They efficiently handle the queries, requests, and questions of all clients in a very short record time.

RoyalStox understands the word safety. They go a step further to ensure that all details including your funds, accounts, investments, and information of every investor are secured. They achieve this by smart security measures that guarantee the protection and safety of clients.

This great investment brokerage platform has diligently utilized the opportunities of technology and provided supreme online trading services to clients at guarantee.


  •  Range of Trading Account Options Available 

Opening a trading account is an inevitable part of the journey of your financial investment or trading. RoyalStox has developed a range of customer accounts to meet the needs of several clients. These accounts are in a certain hierarchy in order to cater to the specific needs of users. Several people get into asset trading by chance, some get in to secure a second stream of income. Some others take up taking of assets as a career. This makes multiple account options a good means of meeting the interests of these diverse clients.

However, these plentiful accounts have succeeded in putting several traders in categories. Below are the account options of RoyalStox. 

  • Micro account

Clients with little or no knowledge of asset trading opt for these forms of account. The Micro account is specifically created for beginners in the financial asset trading world. RoyalStox makes their platform beginner-friendly by engaging them with the basics first. Here, you get to deposit EUR 500 and enjoy 10% leverage on this micro account.

An investor can decide to deposit more, but not exceeding EUR 2500. RoyalStox offers a 30% loyalty bonus to clients that sign up with a micro account. In a bid to providing beginners with resourceful information, clients with micro accounts have part-access to the education center. Simplified charts and trading alerts also feature in this account.

  • Standard Account

The standard account is also known as a silver account. This account option is basically for clients that have a bit of information about trading. The sign-up bonus in the micro account is also available here. 

However, RoyalStox offers higher leverage of 20% for this standard account. The minimum and maximum deposit requirements for silver accounts are EUR 2,500 and EUR 10,000 respectively. Here, you have access to the educational center twice a week. The customer service is also available to standard account owners five days a week.

  • Platinum Account

This account is also referred to as the gold account. This account is opened for semi-skilled traders who have knowledge of the financial asset trading environment. The minimum and maximum deposit requirements for silver accounts are EUR 10,000 and EUR 50,000 respectively. 

With this account, you enjoy 30% leverage and unrestricted access to RoyalStox education center. This access offers you an opportunity to attend webinars handled by trading professionals. The gold account allows you exclusive offers like trading alerts and updates. You also enjoy trading sessions to gain insightful information. 

  •  Premium Account

This account is organized for serious skilled and experienced traders who are informed on financial asset markets. It can be set up with a deposit starting at EUR 50,000. The limit deposit amount for a premium account is EUR 250,000. 

This account gives you access to an elevated loyalty bonus of 40% and a leverage of 40% as well. This account is particularly lucrative. The premium account also offers clients vast trading sessions. Traders also get to enjoy Daily Market Review and money management features. 

  •  VIP account

This final account choice offered by  RoyalStox brokerage platform is also called the Diamond account. This particular account is specifically organized for professional and VIP traders who have high capital starting at EUR 250,000. The VIP account deposit amount is limitless, traders can invest as much as they desire.

VIP accounts offer higher leverage and a loyalty bonus of 50%. It is a great account for VIP investors who understand the financial markets and are willing to take risks. 

There is no barrier to choosing an account. As long as you have the financial and informational resources for the desired account option. 

  • A Strong Security Architecture 

Security is of paramount interest to every investor. No investor would love to see their resources and personal information hacked by scrupulous individuals. However, client security is one of the priorities of RoyalStox. 

RoyalStox is concerned about the success of the small trader, average trader, and the large trader as well. Investing, on its own is a game of risks, but this platform makes it possible to reduce risk by providing a strong security system that prevents fraud and loss. Your personal information, data, and funds are safe with RoyalStox.

They achieve this by efficient use of a highly complex encryption technology invention. RoyalStox prevents the penetration of fraudsters into the system by effective use of a Know Your Customer (KYC) International policy. Series of verification procedures must be approved to gain entrance into the platform. Every client account is also secured with verification procedures as well.

The million-dollar question is what if the platform is eventually hacked? Although this is unlikely, RoyalStox insures for it by the use of encryption that is not understandable by anybody. This makes the hacker unable to steal information or fund.

In addition to the tough security system if the platform, RoyalStox is under the legislation, supervision, and investigation of financial regulatory authorities such as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It is very important to verify the security of any investment brokerage platform you choose to invest in. RoyalStox is safe with a reasonable security strategy. 

  • Availability of Diverse and Extensive Asset Index

With RoyalStox, you have a choice and your choice is respected. Royalstox has a remarkable feature of offering diverse assets to clients. The trading pattern of numerous clients. This platform has over 1000 tradable assets available. 

RoyalStox also has some of the top currency pairs in the market. These include NZD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD. However, popular currencies are the best for a beginner. As they get to trade with ease and reduce their risk. 

RoyalStox also offers the stocks of some leading companies across the globe, like Microsoft, Google, Intel, Facebook, Total, Apple, Coca Cola, Bank of America, PayPal, and Adidas. They also give premium options of trading cryptocurrencies through their website. Client’s have gotten to invest in Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin, Bitcoin.

  • The Stress-free Banking Options

You are probably imagining a rigorous process for depositing and withdrawal of funds for such a sophisticated platform. Quite the twist, RoyalStox offers an easy banking method for clients. They offer both traditional and modern banking methods.

Moreover, there are a number of options. You can go for the bank wire transfer procedure or make use of credit and debit cards. RoyalStox never loses it with variety, they recently included e-wallets and payment services.  

  • Top-Notch Customer Service

The RoyalStox customer service is another very incredible feature of this impressive platform. RoyalStox customer service runs 24 hours daily. The platform offers a responsive, proficient team of customer service representatives who are well informed, friendly, and hospitable. The customer support service responds promptly. They are knowledgeable about forex assets, cryptocurrency, and client management.

Other special features 

  • Round the clock customer support 
  • Incredible educational resources 
  • Mind-blowing user-friendly features 
  • Ever-developing broker initiative 
  • Web-based trading platform 


No doubt, financial investment requires an organized It procedure. It requires interpretation of figures and market trends as well as prediction of profit. However, RoyalStox offers an easy financial trading journey through educational services and a user-friendly platform. 

RoyalStox is definitely not a bad platform to establish your financial asset trading journey. They are a team of reliable experts you can completely trust. We hope this article is of help in facilitating your choice on an investment brokerage platform.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche. He attended a technical school in Florida.

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