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Robert Kiyosaki Considers Bitcoin Crash A Discount

The event of a Bitcoin crash has always found the crypto community in a pickle, where every trader and investor begins to worry about the fate of their funds.

Nonetheless, crypto veteran Robert Kiyosaki has shared an unpopular opinion, emphasizing the bright side of a Bitcoin crash.

Market Crash Means “Assets on Sale”

Bitcoin advocate and financial educator Robert Kiyosaki, renowned for his bestselling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has revealed that the potential crash of Bitcoin brings him no form of worry but excitement.

According to Kiyosaki’s recent post on X, the crypto veteran thinks of the Bitcoin crash as an opportunity to buy the coin at a discount. Hence, he would only react to this by buying more Bitcoins once the crash stops instead of the regular panic situation. Kiyosaki has expressed this in response to a common question about the implications of a Bitcoin crash. 

While Kiyosaki is not bullish on only Bitcoin, he noted that this will also be true if Gold or Silver crashes.

“…All market crashes are assets going on sale, and ‘sale’ is my favourite four-letter word,” Kiyosaki further cited.

Kiyosaki Acquires More Bitcoin 

The SEC’s recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs has propelled a bullish momentum for the Bitcoin market, with retail and institutional investors doubling down on their holdings in the past month. 

Kiyosaki is one of the top crypto players supporting Bitcoin’s bullish run following his relentless advocacy and massive acquisition of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. He has recently purchased five additional BTC, valued at over $255,000 at the current market rates.

Nonetheless, while Kiyosaki is expecting a market downturn to increase his portfolio at lesser rates, reactions to his tweet reflect strong stances among users that Bitcoin has no reason to crash.

Given the significant events of the Bitcoin ETF launch and the upcoming Bitcoin halving, the cryptocurrency is expected to soar to new heights in the coming months. 

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