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Ripple and Zakinov Lawsuit Moved to Zoom

The date for the public hearing between Ripple and Zakinov has been set. This recent hearing will provide clarity and set legal precedents that will impact the market and regulatory approaches in the future.

According to a recent announcement from a US court, Ripple Labs Inc.’s case, Zakinov vs. Ripple, is scheduled for a public hearing on May 30. As XRP attorneys like Fred Rispoli noted, this significant hearing could impact the SEC v. Ripple case.

Judges Pushes Ripple and Zakinov Case to a Zoom Meeting 

The Zoom court hearing between Ripple and Zakinov aims to address critical motions, including those seeking to exclude testimonies and a motion for summary judgment. The plaintiff alleges that Ripple violated federal and California state securities laws by selling XRP as unregistered securities and engaging in unfair business practices. This lawsuit, notably, was filed two years before the SEC initiated its case against Ripple Labs.

The public can tune in to watch the proceedings, which will focus on motions to exclude the testimonies of several notable figures: Alan Schwartz, Professor Joel Seligman, S.P. Kothari, Laurentius Maraius, Steven P. Feinstein, Jeremy Clark, and Saifedean Ammous. Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton will also rule on the Motion for Summary Judgment.

Pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan pointed out that Judge Analisa Torres previously allowed Alan Schwartz, executive chairman of Guggenheim Partners, to give evidence in the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple. This upcoming hearing is significant as it could impact the broader legal battle between Ripple and the SEC.

Old Ripple Lawsuit Over XRP Sales Resurfaces

On Feb. 27, a class action case was filed against Ripple over the sales of XRP, marking the latest legal trouble for Ripple Labs. The lawsuit from May 2018 is getting more attention again, even though many questioned the timing.

Meanwhile, in a court filing on May 7, the SEC had attacked Ripple’s stablecoin plan earlier, calling it an unregistered crypto asset. The National FinTech Center at Morgan State University has also received a $1.05 million grant from Ripple to support research, education, and programming to advance blockchain education.

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