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Reforms for train travel: Less severe weather-compensation in the EU rail transport

Reforms for train travel
Less severe weather-compensation in the EU rail transport

The legal conditions for the EU to be reformed to travel by train. Photo: Silas stone/Reuters

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Long, representatives of the European Parliament and EU member States have negotiated reforms in the railway transport. Now an agreement, which aims to provide Zugpassagieren advantages. But there are also critical points and consumer advocates see national loopholes.

If “acts of God” such as storms or other extreme events, strikes, have to adjust rail customers in Europe in the future on a lack of compensation. In some areas, the consumer should be strengthened with a rights but explicitly.

The legal conditions for train travel in the EU be reformed in a number of respects, as negotiators in Brussels declared. EU States and the European Parliament must agree to the preliminary agreement reached on Thursday, once again, what is true, however, as a matter of form.

Part of the package for about a clarification of various customer’s rights in case of Delays or failures. So the rules for necessary Zugumleitungen or a suitable connection would be much stronger connections, it said. This includes end-to-end Tickets have to be issued, if a Zuganbieter for travel on the entire route is in accordance to the Require, responsible. Here is the unique exhibition for the whole trip to ensure that in the case of large delays, alternative connections are offered, or if necessary, compensation may be paid.

However, rail should be firm in the case of “special circumstances” is no longer obligated to provide additional compensation – for example, in the case of extreme weather conditions or increased risks in a pandemic. Was this on the basis that equality of opportunity must remain to ensure other transport providers.

The European consumer Association Beuc sees the innovations is critical. It is feared that the loss could reach in the end of damages in the event of “force majeure” in the Situation, in which the respective railway companies is very well-responsible – for example, in the case of overhead line damage. “The introduction of this clause will also eliminate the offers of help for the stranded passengers.” In the case of the obligation to issue through Tickets possible “loopholes were concerns” for the member States. So the rule applies, according to the Association only if the relevant Railway operators belong to the same parent group. The new requirements would be a total for “a missed opportunity, the rail traffic forward”.

The EU Commission had already proposed in 2017, that railway companies must similar to airlines – pay in cases of no compensation, in which you can avoid the responsible for this circumstances. A full refund of the ticket price should, however, continue to be among the Rights of the passengers.

New the right, to take a bike on the train is also. This is also “the spirit of the Green Deal” to reflect, should it was. The climate and environmental package of the EU Commission to help reduce in the coming years, the European CO2-emissions significantly. “In order to facilitate this, railway companies compartments, a fair number of the Bicycle need to set up to Board their trains.” Disabled customers will also be granted more rights.

The traffic Commissioner Adina Valean said: “The new regulation provides a better protection for European rail customers in case of delays, cancellations, missed connections, or discrimination.” You think especially the expanded rights for the disabled customer is important. The rules relating to “force majeure”, be now made clear, what is also to be welcomed.

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