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Raids for illegal temporary Agency workers in the meat industry

The Federal police have searched since the early hours of the morning in five Federal States of several objects in connection with the illegal trafficking of labour for the meat industry. About 800 officials were concentrated in Saxony-Anhalt and lower Saxony, in use, said a spokesman for the Federal police Central Germany. Further searches in Berlin, Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

More than 40 residential and business in the Federal police facilities, according to information searches. The accused are said to have brought people from Eastern Europe with fake or forged documents to Germany. Since April, a special Commission determined. Responsibility of the public Prosecutor’s office hall, as well as their branch in Naumburg were.

The investigations are directed against ten accused persons in the age from 41 to 56 years. Including eight men and two women are. It comes to the accusation of gangs and commercial smuggling and forgery of documents. Accused, therefore, also two companies that are independent of each other, but the same pattern approach.

You should mainly have a Romanian people with false documents to Germany brought. You had withdrawn support to the authorities, accommodation and Transport organised, these services but also on the wage, they say. The investigators have seized to its own information, according to the values in the amount of 1.5 million euros. The illegally and temporary expulsion from Germany threatens.

After heaping Corona-infections in meat, the working conditions in the industry, and the accommodation of foreign Workers were moved and operated again in the focus. This has triggered a nationwide debate about the working conditions in the industry. 10. In September, the Bundestag has dealt with the so-called labor protection control law in the first reading. It stipulates that nuclear activities in the meat sector such as slaughtering, cutting, and not Handle it in the future from non-operating employees may be executed. Work contracts and temporary Agency work should be prohibited in the sector, from 2021 on.

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