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Purrnelopes Country Club – Top Tier NFT Project, Joins Play-To-Earn

  • The virtual country club, which has been hailed as the first of its kind, has teamed up with EntityBuilds to build the necessary infrastructure.

London, United Kingdom, Purrnelopes Country Club is pleased to announce its debut into the lucrative world of play-to-earn. It was disclosed today that the NFT membership project’s elite members will be able to earn money through the creation of an NFT-based coin.

The project has worked with EntityBuilds to construct the necessary infrastructure to enable its entry into the space, which is made up of 10,000 unique NFTs that offer holders access to its country club, unique membership advantages, and a say in molding its destiny.

One airdrop a month, with multiple utility prongs, was completed by Purrnelopes Country Club only recently, as part of its eight airdrop plan. An ENS Subdomain has been created for NFT holders, which allows them to turn their username into a profile picture and wallet address, own a 1000 ETH floor collection of NFTs, and receive 8 airdrops – all with claimable companion NFTs or tangible collectibles – for free.

This social play-to-earn game will progressively evolve as the greater NFT community admires the PCC.eth members on Twitter and Discord because of the benefits in transactions they experience and have opted to join in, the project has indicated.

However, despite the project’s plans to create a new daily $TOKEN, it has declared that participants in the new game will instead receive “reputation” as a reward for their efforts rather than the new $TOKEN.

Peter Thomson, the project’s mastermind and a pioneer in the field of non-fungible tokens, posted a Roadmap 2.0 on Twitter with the latest updates on the project’s future. The founder of the Purrnelopes Country Club, also known as Carlini8, has demonstrated his leadership and building skills in one of the top NFT projects, which continues to provide updates that directly benefit its members. Carlini8.

Minecraft build team EntityBuilds creates stunning builds for server owners and other clients alike. They specialize in making the most out of the limited resources available in Minecraft. Four completely developed, play-to-earn games, based on a Minecraft codebase, have been created by this business, which is responsible for building the NFTWorld metaverse.

About Purrnelopes Country Club and Carlini8!

Purrnelopes Country Club was founded by Peter Thomson, nicknamed by “Carlini8”. The club has attracted some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as some of the world’s most famous faces. Fans of Purrnelopes Country Club, such Coco, who is reported to be the first collector with a billion-dollar portfolio, as well as recent “King of NFTs” – J1mmy.eth, who has shown enormous support for the community. Mev Collector, DCL Blogger, GG14, BrandonKangFilms, Barthazian, and Alexander Taub are all well-known token owners.

About Carlini8 & The Celebrities Behind Purrnelopes Country Club

Peter Thomson, or Carlini8, is the founder of Purrnelopes Country Club, which has attracted some of the biggest players in the industry, as well as many iconic celebrities. Popular figures like Coco who is rumored to have been the first collector with a billion-dollar valued portfolio, while the recently crowned “King of NFTs” — J1mmy.eth, is also a huge lover of Purrnelopes Country Club and has shown great support for the community. Other prominent holders of the token include Mev Collector, DCL Blogger, GG14, BrandonKangFilms, Barthazian, and Alexander Taub.

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