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Proleo.io Announces Partnership With Ninja Fantasy Trader

Proleo.io is proud to announce its partnership with Ninja Fantasy Trader, the world’s first financial NFT trading game powered through the P2E mechanism across the blockchain. Operating across the metaverse, Ninja Fantasy Trader subtly fills up the acronym of NFT, which makes it special across the Non-Fungible Token community and metaverse. While the world has been focused on developing a metaverse across the blockchain ecosystem, Ninja Fantasy Trader with their exceptional ideas and vision are here to make a stand.

The project envisions developing a community across the metaverse to build a decentralized economic world. While adding value to the industry, Ninja Fantasy Trader offers users a system for implementing Trading and Real Estate skills with blockchain technology to make a source of passive earning. As the project is ready to make a big statement in the industry with its 31,700 rare collections of NFTraders called Samurais, they have joined hands with Proleo.io to further increase their reach and exposure on multiple platforms.

Proleo.io will guide the project into accessing the right market points and developing consistency in following the market trends. Proleo.io believes that the project holds great potential in the current market. By connecting with the right target audience, the project will definitely make waves in the industry. To make the initial phases of the project successful, Proleo.io will be overseeing the development of the project in terms of increasing their visibility and helping the project make meaningful connections.

About Ninja Fantasy Trader

Ninja Fantasy Trader is all set to become the world’s first financial NFT Game that features a metaverse offering unique gaming features to people. The project intends to provide NFT collections and be home to multiple NFT projects, referred to as NFT-Companies. This would be implemented and practically utilized across the project’s metaverse, Traderland. Ninja Fantasy Trader has great potential and believes in improving the prevailing P2E structure positively.

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About Proleo.io

Proleo.io is the go-to solution for an ideal blockchain PR agency. It is a multi-service provider that works with crypto and blockchain projects offering them business solutions for productivity, profitability, and efficiency. Proleo.io focuses on providing digital services to help projects grow at different levels and will surely improve the standards of a project within the digital ecosystem.

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