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Problems with cancellations: Tui-chief: delays in reimbursement be turned off

After criticism from customers due to the absence of responses to cancellation requests, Tui Deutschland has promised a speedy processing and speedy refunds.

You’ve first of all need to of individual Transfers to an automatic System switch, said a spokesman. Now the processes to be put “so far”. Managing Director Marek Andryszak said the “image”newspaper: “it didn’t work out immediately. I want to apologize. But I also know that the customers come to the middle of/the end of the week, the money for all the trips to the 15. May have been canceled, and for which a refund is desired will have on your accounts.”

Tui Germany had offered to travelers in the Corona of a crisis repayments. In mid-may, the company added to with the late launched in the summer season: those Who up to the end of June, beech, could be necessary to cancel if up to 14 days before departure – the Deposit it back then. A toll-free rebooking up to two weeks before departure is also possible, there are also “loyalty bonuses”.

However, there was also complaints because of delayed reactions. “Since all have most of the customers that we have not answered on time”, so Andryszak. The return of holidaymakers have tied in the first crisis weeks a lot of work. It also was unclear whether a voucher system would come. “In the next few weeks, we have plunged ourselves, that the payments should be paid back.”

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