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Planned job cuts: Tuifly-staff attack Management

Before the negotiations about the planned job cuts at the Tui Airline Tuifly on the verge of a violent conflict between the workforce and the company leadership.

“The plans of the management, mass staff release, we will together with all funds and for each individual job, no matter at which point of our company, fight,” – said in an internal letter of the crisis staff of the workers ‘ representatives of Tuifly. The Letter is signed by works councils and the trade unions Verdi and the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC).

On Friday it became known that the airline abandon about half of their Jets and at least three bases densely want to make. Hundreds of other Places in the Tui-group could be reduced. Tui CEO Fritz Joussen had informed the employees about the basic parameters of the reduction plans.

Tourism and air transport belong to the most difficult of the Corona-pandemic sectors to be affected, Tui has already received a government support loan of 1.8 billion euros.

The employee representatives of Tuifly had “tuned due to the acute threat situation for our Airline and our jobs”. “All the organs of Participation, and both unions are absolutely in agreement that we covered this completely, unfair to be answered and involuntary redundancies, with maximum pressure from our side,” they wrote. They accused the Management to use the Corona-crisis, at least in part, as a pretext for the planned cuts.

But not alone, the virus of the crisis was the reason for the difficult situation of the group, explained to the staff the crisis staff. “In particular, the excessive dividend distributions in the last fiscal year to the shareholders in connection with the low financial resources of the Tui group, both of which are decisions of the group’s management, have brought the whole group in great danger.” They expressed a great deal of misunderstanding about, of all things, with the help of taxpayers ‘ money safe loans massive savings on Tuifly should be implemented.

To the Management a warning: “The removal of the fleet to 17 aircraft, the closure and relocation was issued abroad of many of our soil functions and the technology, the closure of many bases in Germany, etc., for us, is totally unacceptable and can never form the basis for the recorded negotiations.” In the coming week, discussions on the plans will be managed – the workforce representative announced “tough negotiations”.

In the case of Tuifly, there are around 2000 full-time equivalents, of which 1400 pilots and flight attendants. How many Jobs are eliminated will be discussed in the talks between company management and employee representatives. The pilot Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) said of the 700 employees affected in-flight service, including about 270 pilots. The group did not want to confirm the Numbers.

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