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Pirna in Saxony: 30 people attack police officers at anti-corona demo

More and more often there are events in Germany against the regulations to contain the pandemic. And there are often violent attacks. The aim is the media, as was the case recently in Berlin. Or the police, as now in Saxony.

There, dozens of people had once again gathered in Pirna for an illicit demonstration against the restrictions. A “walk” had been called on the internet ahead of the collection, police said. Around 200 people gathered at the market in Pirna on Wednesday evening.

With about 190 officers, the police tried to stop the gathering. According to the information, 30 “violent people” attacked the emergency services, injuring one officer. Eight criminal proceedings have been initiated, including for breach of the peace and assault ingesrated on law enforcement officers. About an hour after the start, the meeting dissolved again.

First appointment remained without incident

Just a week ago, about 250 people gathered at the same spot to demonstrate against restrictions to contain the corona pandemic. The meeting, which lasted 15 minutes, was peaceful. Since 22 April, such undeclared rallies have occurred again and again. Demonstrators had also insulted and harassed police officers.

Thousands of people in several German cities also demonstrated over the weekend against restrictions to curb the Corona pandemic. One of the focal points was Stuttgart. There were also protests in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

Attacks against teams of ARD and ZDF

Representatives of the media were also attacked at such events. During a demonstration in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin about a week ago, a protester attacked an ARD camera team. As reported by the “ARD Capital Studio”, a man had spontaneously broke free from the crowd and kicked the sound assistant.

On 1 May, a team from the ZDF satirical show “today-show” was attacked in Berlin. It also filmed at a demonstration against restrictions in the Corona Crisis at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. The camera crew was then attacked by a group of masked perpetrators. Six people were injured and had to be taken to hospital, according to ZDF.

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