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Pibexa Review – A New and Upcoming Crypto and FX Broker

Today’s digital space is saturated with a host of online trading mediums. Forex and cryptocurrency trading appears to be the favorite for a lot of online investors. The forex market covers 20% of the total online financial markets, making it a massive attraction for big financial players and new enthusiasts. One major edge forex has over other financial instruments it’s simplicity and ease. 

However, having a  skillful and experienced broker plays a vital part in the success or failure of a forex investor. For this reason, you have to consider a lot of factors before choosing a broker. One broker that quickly sets itself apart from the rest, in terms of seamless transactions is Pibexa.

Pibexa Review

Pibexa is an online forex trading platform that ensures exceptional trading experience for its users in terms of user-friendliness, security, reliability, transparency, and training. The headquarters of Pibexa is in London, England, and they are widely renowned for CFD trading at its best. With a highly professional staff that ensures transactions on the platform remains smooth and impregnable from hackers. 

Some other online brokers take haphazard measures to protect its investors legally. Pibexa is well structured; hence, its legal department works full gear in making sure all rules and regulations are strictly adhered to, leaving no room for breach of security and unnecessary risk of funds. Pibexa owned by Tarvida industries LP is an outfit that has continually maintained its integrity and professionalism in the CFD trading market. 

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Pibexa is committed to creating an environment where forex and cryptocurrency trading is not only smooth and seamless but also one that succeeds and ultimately profits. Its vision statement enforces traders’ confidence and further reinforced by actions; you would instantly notice the minute you start interacting with the platform.

Why choose Pibexa over the rest

Forex and cryptocurrency CFD trade are fast becoming the trading delight for millions of investors around the world. For this reason, many brokerage firms keep springing up, promising mouth-watering and unrealistic benefits. While some are honest enough to say what they truly offer, others are outright fraudulent outfits in disguise. When it comes to forex and cryptocurrency CFD trade, Pibexa is undoubtedly the best bet. It is not just a coincidence that its traders find their services refreshingly appealing. Taking a look at everything, Pibexir reveals why it is highly regarded in the CFD trade industry.

ease of use  

You do not require any downloading to start trading on the Pibexa platform. On entering the Pibexa website, you must follow some easy steps in your journey to start earning in the forex and cryptocurrency trade.  These are the following steps:

First step: As part of KYC( know your customers) obligations, the Pibexa website would require you to provide information about your previous trading experience, personal information such as name, email address, residential address, phone number, etc.

Second step: Once you have given your details, you would be required to choose an investment plan among the four investment plans on offer.

Types of investment plans on Pibexa.

Pibexa offers four different accounts, depending on the financial strength of the user. Investors with more significant economic pull and experience are offered accounts with bonus features, while newcomers with low financial backing are provided the primary account with limited features.


  • Diamond Account

The diamond account is Pibexa’s high-end product for experienced and big-time investors. It is reserved exclusively for its prime traders. The account offers premium features that enhance ordered transactions such as compatible Mastercard withdrawals, senior account manager, full educational package, no withdrawal fees, premium contract options.

The diamond account requires a minimum balance of $35,000. The high deposit amount makes it a reserve product for the top and mighty in the forex trading business.


  • Platinum Account

Users who have gained sufficient knowledge and experience in the online trading space, and are not shy from taking the risk can conveniently make use of the Platinum account.  It requires a minimum deposit amount of $5000 and a maximum deposit of $34,999. The higher the deposits of a user, the better the features the Platinum account offers.  Additional features provide users with remarkable benefits such as No withdrawal fees, Expert Analyst trading sessions, Senior Account manager, Trading signals, Ebooks, Interest-bearing account options for consolidation of profits, Bonus up to 100% of the account balance.


  • Gold Account

The gold account of Pibexa offers users capable of investing more than $1000 the opportunity to enjoy their platform. However, players are limited to a maximum cap of $4999, should they so desire to raise their deposits.  Most gold account users are investors who are only beginning to grasp the online trading business.  

For this reason, the platform provides a hired account manager that helps users navigate their way in the market, thereby making their venture profitable and productive. Ebooks and academy are of the additional benefits the gold accounts platform offers.


  • Silver Account 


This is Pibexa’s account for beginners and rookies in the trading market. The report affords new entrants who are enthusiastic in the trading world to gain experience and kickstart their journey in trading. The silver account requires traders to have a minimum of $250 as trading deposits and $999 as maximum trading deposits. The silver account is mainly for beginners. It is limited to only a handful of premium benefits which includes, academy access and ebook.

Now that we are aware of the different accounts on the Pibexa platform, funding of the account is the third step in getting to trade on the platform.  Pibexa offers safe and secure payment options, which used to add funds into a wallet exchange for trading. The lowest trading deposit on the Pibexa platform is $250, which is the minimum amount on the silver account platform. The payment methods on the Pibexa platform includes Visa card, Master Card, Skrill, and American express.

Once you get the past the fourth stage, then you are very well on your way to becoming a forex trader. From this moment, you can strategize on your portfolio plan, adopt the services of in house financial account advisers, and contact support services if needed.

Modest fees framework

The transparency of Pibexa gives it an extra edge over its competitors in the CFD trading market. Using its educational tools does not attract any additional fees; more so, funding of wallets does not come with any charges, making it one of the most user-friendly trading platforms. Pixbexia offers a unique fee schedule that is second to none.

Superb Trading tools and features

One select quality the Pibexa trading tool offers is a success. Getting a hold of the CFD market requires trading tools that are technologically driven and easily accessible. The Pibexa trading tools possess these features and even more. The tools designed to perform intuitively, thereby presenting users with clear information on prevailing market dynamics. The tool’s simplicity affords users the chance to ascertain hidden secrets of technical analysis on their own. Precise and quick execution of trades is a guarantee with the use of the Pibexa trade tools

Groundbreaking and attractive trading platform

What is trading without an optimal and seamless trading platform? While you can still make profits from any just trading platform, the experience could be very frustrating. Technology is the main driving force for any formidable online trading tool, and that is what the Pibexa trading tool is about. It is excitingly innovative, modern, and powered by the latest technology in trading tools. 

Trading from any part of the world enabled by a seamless, easy-to-use platform Pixebia offers. The web-based platform provides a fulfilling experience that guarantees online trading at its best. With live and valid data streams, the Pubexia trading platform creates a unique style that imposes self-confidence even for the most inexperienced online trader.

Active training center

Trading forex and cryptocurrency require some bit of training. The market sometimes gets very erratic and may pose a big challenge for traders.  Some traders erroneously believe you should trade at periods when the market is up; this is where training and guidance become essential. Pibixer is renowned for its well-designed training center that helps guide investors on their platform. Traders are taught the rudiments and secrets of forex trading in a manner that suits their learning pace. Pibexa offers tested strategies to traders to be able to trade and make profits even when the market is down. The well-established education training center tailored to meet the needs of traders, especially new and inexperienced entrants. Basic online training, CFD trading discoveries are some of the in-depth skills the Pubexia training center offers. 

The archives of eye-opening videos and guidance from online financial advisers help demystify some of the old trading myths. The Pibexa training facility guides the user every step of the way, thereby improving the chances of investors on its platform to profit from trading.

Outstanding Mobile Trading App

The fast pace of trade in the cryptocurrency and CFD market, demands quick access to market dynamics to avoid the loss of opportunities to execute trade deals in record time. The Pibexa mobile trading app helps investors to trade from anywhere in the world, and at any time. The mobile app has similar incredible characteristics and features as its web-based version. 

With more and more people making use of their smartphones, the Pibexa mobile trading app allows users to trade forex pairs. Depending on the mobile device of the user, the Pixerber mobile app can be downloaded from the google play store or the apple store.

Flexible trading conditions

The main objective of engaging in online trading is to make profits. Closer scrutiny of your broker’s trading conditions can reveal if you would indeed be successful in your trading endeavor. Pibexa offers flexible trading outcomes that guarantee a return of 10% of your initial trading deposit. Meaning you are not likely to drop to a zero or minus account balance. With this, new and inexperienced players can engage in trading more confidently. It also offers several currency pairs to trade-in. It also allows for portfolio diversion, but only within a variety of currencies.

Competent and professional on – line staff

The Pibexa brand is all-encompassing, its status as a trailblazer in the CFD brokerage industry is no fluke. Founded by a team of seasoned professionals, all of its premium features are managed by experts and experienced players who monitor and ensure seamless use of the platform. Armed with the latest technological advances, hired financial experts to provide valuable trading advice to portfolio owners, enabling them to make informed decisions while trading.

Outstanding Customer Service and Online Presence

If you look at any other Pibexa review you can easily see that most traders have had a good relationship with the broker. A responsive customer service is a deal-breaker for a lot of people seeking a brokerage firm. For most online trading users, slow or no response from customer service could be very frustrating. Investors may encounter challenges in the course of trading and may require an apt and quick response from support staff. Most online brokerage firms are resorting to the use of FAQs to solve customer’s needs. 

However, this method is not very useful, because trading these days is fast-paced and FAQs might not answer the queries of every customer. What sets Pibexa apart from the others is the quick response of its support staff to calls and questions on their platform. Pibexa provides its customers with round the clock 24hrs customer service support. 

Its robust feedback system reveals most of its users are satisfied with the support staff, as shown by reviews on their website. A callback feature embedded on their site as well as functional email address and phone numbers, well displayed on the platform.

Security and privacy

One of the topmost priorities of the Pibexa platform is ensuring the privacy of its users. Pibexa s not compromise or undermine the security and safety of its users. For this reason, it adopted a host of measures aimed at ensuring the protection of its users. When many online trading outfits are experiencing constant security breaches, the high-level security of the Pibexia platform creates a haven for its traders. 

The platform ingeniously fitted with an encrypted technology that can forestall any perceived or real cyber threat.  With a proper SSL security protocol running on its website, every of your information on the website is well encrypted and so safe from hackers and internet fraudsters that may steal and trade your information online. The commitment of Piblexir to the Anti-  Money laundering ( AML) and Know your customer ( KYC) policies ranks high above the rest in the online trading and brokerage industry. Moreso, usershave particularly praised the platform’s safe and robust security system in most of their reviews.

Utilizes social trading

This is yet another exciting feature on the platform. Social trading is a unique feature that allows traders to imitate and follow the pattern of an expert trader. This unique feature helps cut down the length of a time a newbie on the platform would have to learn before making profits. The expert traders do all the work while you simply enjoy the benefits that come along.

Simple Language options

The language options in Pibexa comes in two languages, English and German. Though the addition of other languages would have been an extra advantage, the styles are simply worded and serve traders efficiently.

Pibexa at one glimpse

  • It cuts out any downloading process, as its web-based platform timely serves the interest of its traders.
  • The trading platform is straightforward to use and accessible.
  • The Pibexa trading platform offers immense trading tools and features that affirms a fantastic trading encounter.
  • The mobile trading app of Pibexa allows users to access the market and execute deals in real-time.
  • Pibexa offers very competitive trading fees, putting them ahead of other cryptocurrency and forex traders.
  • The Pubexia platform boasts highly trained staff, trainers, and brokers, who are readily available to assist its users.
  • Pibexa has a broad reach accessed from any part of the globe.
  • No other trading platform inspires as much confidence as Pibexa, thereby creating a sense of trust from users.
  • Pibexa platform offers an array of CFD products from its traders to choose from. There are no hidden charges, deposits, and withdrawals made at no extra cost.


From the review, we can see that Pibexa offers not only an excellent trading experience but an innovative way of trading, unmatched by others in the trading industry. Transparency, professionalism, and innovative trends are some of the hallmarks Pibexa has built and maintained over the years. Every single detail that involves a trader is adequately taken care of. This has tremendously simplified banking by cutting out the complexities; online trading is usually known for. The trading of CFDS is a delight on the Pibexa platform. 

It is a whole new experience engaging with them. For those who have always been unlucky with online brokerage firms, a trial with Pibexa is all you need. Pibexa has displayed a significant commitment to ensuring that forex and cryptocurrency trading is not just an exercise in futility, but also one that ends in profound profit-making.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche. He attended a technical school in Florida.

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