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Pensioners: most of them are well-supplied – economy

Who enters in Google the word poverty in old age, comes to more than 1.1 million hits. This reflects that many people in Germany, especially the Younger ones, a financially insecure life in fear retirement. Most pensioners today have to make so no Worries. This is the new old-age security, report 2020, the Federal government shows. “Today’s generation of Retirees,” reads the 275-page analysis, “is mainly well supplied.” Your age and income have developed in the past few years, even “generally favourable”.

Rise in the cost of living more than the pensions, can afford to retirees who live mainly on the statutory pension, less. From 2001 to 2010, this was often so. In the past ten years, the pensions rose significantly more than the inflation rate. Pensioners gained the least purchasing power – the new old-age security report. Accordingly, the average budget was set in 2019, the net income of all married couples and people living Alone over the age of 65 years on 2207 euros per month, since 2015, after all, a Plus of 14 percent. The prices for the standard of living rose in the same period only 5.3 percent.

Officials are also at risk, thanks to their pensions of old-age poverty little

From the economic and Jobboom in the last decade, only the Old do not benefit, however: The increase in their income corresponds approximately to the income plus for the total population, so the government analysis. Next year it will look but probably dark: experts expected, due to the Corona pandemic, with a zero round in statutory pensions.

An elderly couple has, according to the analysis in the average monthly 2907 Euro net, single men, and about 1816, the Euro, women 1607 Euro. Women are over-represented in the lowest income tenth of significantly more than men. Old-age poverty, which is not reflected in the official statistics often enough, because many old people still report to the social services is mainly female. Officials are also at risk, thanks to their pensions of old-age poverty little: your entire month-to-month net income is estimated for men with 2892 euros, and for women with 2423 Euro.

The report, by the Federal Ministry of labour created every four years, provides new material for the discussion of the best recipes in the fight against future poverty in old age. The statutory pension is still of the greatest importance for the care of the old people. 18.5 million people with a minimum of 65 years of age draw pensions from the statutory insurance; almost three-quarters of this Generation have paid old-age benefits do not come from the pension Fund, where the average Power level is too lush: it is according to the report, just 1082 euros gross and 969 euros net per month.

The number says little about the actual income. Too big are the differences between men and women, East and West are Low – and high-earners. Furthermore, very low pensions for the self-employed or civil servants who were previously insured by law, distort the average. In the old-age security report is noted: a married couple with a statutory pension under 250 Euro had “an average gross income of 4122 Euro. For all household types shows that a lower pension contribution goes hand in hand with comparatively high total income. Low pension amounts are generally offset by additional income or the income of the spouse.”

Almost a fifth of older couples relates to income from letting and leasing

So many retirees have additional income, about half of an occupational or private Pension provision. Ironically, those who are dependent in old age, especially in additional income, provide very little. Private pensions, for example, be in the old Federal States in the case of married couples, an average of 367 euros per month. Further, interest income, for married couples in the West of the country on a monthly basis at least 265 euros are widely used, for a single person 210 Euro.

Significantly higher income from rental and leasing, relating to almost a fifth of older married couples and about one in ten alone-standing features are: the overall German average amounts on monthly 1064 Euro (married couples) and 771 Euro (stand-Alone). After all, a good two-thirds of married couples aged 65 and over and about every second stand-Alone dwells in one’s own four walls – a large financial advantage in the age: “people with home ownership have a significantly higher disposable income than tenants,” the report said.

The analysis is based on a representative survey of more than 30 000 persons, and thus on Self-reported. It should be taken into account that “the income from the assets of the respondents tends to be low”. The sometimes stark differences that exist in the retirement income could be even higher.

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