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Pandora Finance Announces Biconomy’s Integration on Express Protocol to Bring Gasless Minting to the NFT Ecosystem

Singapore, Oct 04, 2022, ZEXPRWIREPandora Finance, a decentralized liquidity induction ecosystem, has partnered with Biconomy, a next-gen protocol that simplifies Web3 experiences, to enhance the UX and accelerate the growth of Web3 mass adoption. 

Pandora Finance announced they would integrate Biconomy’s Gasless Minting SDK on Express Protocol to remove the significant onboarding hurdles for creators and make the NFT ecosystem more seamless. 

It is quite evident that — with the growing demand for NFTs, the cost of minting has also risen commensurately. Even the recent industry trend shows that the fee to mint an NFT is reaching a price of 3ETH & more. This high minting fee is inevitably becoming a steep barrier for NFT enthusiasts to enter the NFT ecosystem. Not only that, but it’s also preventing innovations in Web3, restricting it to speculative investments and profit-making strategies when blockchain has so much more to offer. 

“We’re very excited to support a smoother UX with Gasless NFT minting on Express Protocol through our new partnership with Pandora Finance!”

-Ahmed Al-Balaghi, CEO & Founder, Biconomy

To create a more seamless, hassle-free NFT ecosystem, Pandora’s Express Protocol will offer users an on-chain gasless minting feature by integrating Biconomy’s Gasless Minting SDK. This will lower the barrier to entry and remove the friction of paying the minting gas fee every time a user mints its NFT on a blockchain. As a result, it will empower users to innovate or create their own NFT Marketplaces or NFT Dapps using Express Protocol Layer and mint a volume of NFTs across multiple platforms built using the same protocol layer without worrying about the minting gas fee.  

We are proud to partner with Biconomy to enable everyone to create their NFT Marketplace or NFT Dapps and mint NFT at zero minting cost, aiming to simplify Web3 experiences for users by enhancing the UX and accelerating the growth of the NFT ecosystem.   

Pushkar Vohra, Founder and CEO of Pandora Finance

By building an NFT Marketplace on an Express Protocol, users can skip the long, tiring, and exhausting process of minting because it will be managed by Biconomy professionals. Hence, users can directly interact with smart contracts without needing to have a wallet or own tokens. In simple words, with the integration of Biconomy SDK, Express Protocol has become more user-friendly that anyone can access to create their own NFT Marketplace or NFT Dapps and can leverage the benefit of its lucrative feature of gasless minting. Apart from it, existing and aspiring NFT marketplaces can also access the gasless minting feature by integrating their NFT Marketplace on Express Protocol SDK, allowing users to save a lot of money when minting assets. 

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