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Oobit’s OBT Set To Be Listed on MEXC, Bringing Host of Benefits

Oobit, the crypto payment gateway solution that allows for a frictionless crypto experience has sights on MEXC for listing its newly launched native ERC-20 token, the OBT. The expected listing date is the 19th of October.

OBT Enhances User Experience

Oobit has an impressive track record for giving the public a seamless way to store, use and spend cryptocurrencies. Today, it supports nearly 50 different digital tokens and coins through its mobile app.

Since its inception, Oobit has strived to provide services that allow for an easy on-ramping and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The launch of OBT, the native Oobit token, is another step towards making Oobit users’ lives easier. The token underpins the OobitChain, a dedicated blockchain ecosystem of the borderless economy that the platform has been building. OBT holders will have several advantages in the Oobit ecosystem, including:

  • Near Instant Transactions: Jump ahead of the line and have transactions executed in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. The OBT is not only faster, but it also eliminates transaction fees when sending to another Oobit wallet or a mobile number.
  • Discounted Trading Fee: For users who want to swap their assets within the Oobit app, holding OBT means up to a massive 50% discount on trading fees.
  • Oobit Vault: OBT holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards. This is the perfect opportunity to create a passive income stream even when not actively trading cryptos.
  • Highest Interest Rates: Staking OBT for rewards, the Oobit ecosystem offers interest rates that are unmatched by the industry.
  • Complete Anonymity: As a blockchain-based token, OBT is powered by the OobitChain and provides complete end-to-end encryption. This means that OBT users have complete privacy and no prying eyes can see their financial transactions.

The OBT is already available on the platform’s website and the various benefits have led to massive demand. With over 100,000 token holders already, the ERC-20 token is reshaping the crypto experience for people all over the world.

The OBT holds the additional advantage of having deflationary economics. With a total of 1 billion OBT that are created, the increased interest by users gives an upward pressure in the long term that helps increase its value over time. The longer you hold it, the more value you will get.

The Oobit Ecosystem

Oobit was established in 2017 after its founders Amram Adar and Aharon Miller faced difficulties in executing international transactions. This led the duo to Bitcoin. the ease of sending transactions using Bitcoin as an alternative that was fast, secure, and much cheaper.

Eventually, Oobit was established as a firm that made the lives of people easier. A Bitcoin wallet that was user-friendly and secure. Over the years the services expanded to include several other coins and today Oobit supports more than 50 different coins and tokens. The Oobit payment solutions are extremely easy to use. Rather than entering complex and long strings of wallet addresses (which are not only difficult to remember, but tedious to remember which address belongs to whom), Oobit users can instantly send each other payments with the simplicity of using the receiver’s mobile number. Internal transactions are also faster, allowing for asset movement in a matter of seconds.

Oobit eventually launched its own blockchain, OobitChain to facilitate a more decentralized, efficient, and reliable network that offers transparency, yet offers privacy to its users.

Licensed and registered in multiple jurisdictions, Oobit is a globally regulatory-friendly platform that adheres to the strongest financial laws. The platform also offers the additional safety of using end-to-end MPC wallets and insurance of assets through a cold custodian storage.

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