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OffersFX Review: A Review of Its Best Features

OffersFX Review

It takes a fairly decent amount of time to familiarize yourself with the online material available regarding brokers. You need to be able to identify which brokers are legit and which ones are a scam. Moreover, you need to know which features you want your broker to provide. From personal experience, I can tell you that getting all that information requires a lot of patience and understanding. It is natural to have doubts when you’re stepping into a new business, I had them too, but you can overcome them through some extensive research. In this review, I will discuss some noteworthy features of one of the most popular brokers in the simplest words. 

So, even if you don’t have any understanding of the topic, you will be able to understand what I am talking about. The broker that I will talk about today is OffersFX.

Continue reading to see which features of OffersFX that I consider to be its best.

Best Features of OffersFX

  1. Multiple Account Types

OffersFX has included the option of a demo account for you if you want to test out the services of the broker. Since many new users are apprehensive about committing to creating an account that may affect their finances, this option is very useful. Another aspect that I admire about OffersFX is that they provide users access to $50,000 in virtual currency to practice trading. You will not come across any other company that provides this service.

OffersFX offers a variety of trading accounts that meet the needs of new users as well as experienced traders. The Gold Account option is for novice traders where they will be able to trade some prominent currency pairs. Their Platinum Account is for experienced traders in the market. They are sent more e-mails regarding the market updates and are provided with an analysis of stocks to help in decision making. The Black Account tends to the intermediate traders. The holders of this account are invited to seminars and workshops to enhance their trading skills. The VIP Account is designed for professional and skilled traders. It offers all the best possible services provided by the broker to you. The best part about all these different accounts is that no hidden fees or commissions are taken. 

What is interesting is that OffersFX have included swap-free accounts for users who do not want to receive or pay interest. These accounts are referred to as Islamic accounts so Muslim users can participate in trade using this broker as well. 

  1. Reliable Customer Assistance

OffersFX has a robust customer support system as it is a firm devoted to providing the best trading service to its clients. There is detailed and comprehensive information about all features available on their website, but if you still have any queries you can contact them through the various email addresses they have provided for customer support. If you are in a rush you can even call them on the provided phone numbers to get assistance. The phone call service is available 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about the time difference for an urgent matter. 

  1. Trustworthy Leverage

Leverages are sums of money the broker provides you per dollar. They are represented in ratios so for example, a particular broker provides the leverage ratio of 1:100 which means that for every one dollar you invest in the trade, the broker will invest 100. Leverages are a luxury that many brokers do not supply. 

I found that this broker not only provides trustworthy leverages but also offers different leverage rates depending on the account type. For instance, Gold account users receive the leverage up to the ratio of 1:750 while Platinum, Black, and VIP account holders are offered the leverage ratio of up to 1:1000. I am impressed by the variety they allow the users. It is not every day that you find a broker this accommodating.

At this point, I would like you to know that you should not use leverage until you fully know about its pros and cons. It can offer you some huge benefits, but if used without knowledge and proper analysis, you can suffer losses because of it too. So, spend time learning about it and only then invest your money in leveraged trading.

  1. Automated Trading

You might be wondering about what kind of feature is this. Well, automated trading means that through various platforms provided by the broker, you can use Expert Advisors. These are programmed trading robots that trade for you in compliance with the trading conditions that you set. You are allowed to set the rules of the trade that you want and these programmed robots will follow them for entering and exiting sales. In simple words, it is like having a personal assistant who will assist you in performing trades when you are unable to do so yourself. OffersFX is one of the few broker firms that provide this feature. Automated trading is really useful for new traders or for people who have little to no knowledge of the trading market but want to make a decent profit from the trades. Not only will your business benefit from this feature, but you can also save up on some valuable time.


Frankly, I think that OffersFX is doing an excellent service of tending to their customers’ needs on a broad horizon. The various features and services they offer you give you a sense of freedom while using the platform. I am thoroughly impressed by the variety of services they offer as very few brokers take the initiative be so welcoming to their users.

So, before you make your final decision, I encourage you to check out their website and services by yourself. Even if you are not impressed with what you’ve read just now, which I find hard to believe, I will highly recommend you to at least add it to your list of possible choices. 

Matthew Velter
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