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North Rhine-Westphalia: Control escalated due to lack of protective masks – State protection investigated

Bonn police are investigating two men who allegedly assaulted and injured police officers. A spokesman told SPIEGEL that the suspects were suspected of acting for political reasons. Therefore, the State Protection is working on the case.

According to police, the incident took place at a supermarket in Troisdorf on Saturday afternoon. Two customers refused to wear a mouth-nose protection. The 35-year-old and the 38-year-old were therefore in an argument with the staff.

The 35-year-old eventually put on a mask. However, he is said to have started to provoke the called police.

There had been a hand-wringing. The 38-year-old allegedly punched a police officer in the face and the officer suffered a facial fracture. Another police officer was treated in hospital for “severe facial bruises.” Both are incapacitated, according to police.

“I don’t need an identity card”

Videos of the operation are circulating on the Internet, the authenticity of which was confirmed by the police on request. In one of the clips, one of the men can be seen saying, “I’m a human being, I don’t need an identity card, I’m human and sovereign.” This indicates a possible proximity to the “Reich citizens”. The scene, which is fragmented into several micro groups, does not recognize the Federal Republic and thus also state authorities such as the police or the courts.

Investigators did not want to confirm or deny this on request.

The videos circulating on the Internet would now be checked. The recordings of the supermarket’s cameras were also being evaluated, police said. There are several witnesses who are now being questioned.

The spokesman did not provide details on the injuries suffered by the accused men. However, uninvolved witnesses had also reported the police officers involved in the operation to the office for bodily injury.

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