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No job cuts planned: train sets “Corona-tariff package” – EVG sees movement

No job cuts planned
Railway shall, “Corona-tariff package” – EVG sees movement

In the collective labor dispute between Deutsche Bahn and the EVG trade Union movement. Photo: Silas stone/Reuters

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The Bahn AG is fighting in the Corona-crisis with high losses and a collapse in passenger numbers. However, there will be no job cuts and no end to the recruitment offensive. Since the days of barter and trade Union, such as cost, nevertheless, can decrease.

The Deutsche Bahn (DB) and the railway and transport Union (ECG) approach in the tariff negotiations. The state-owned rail group submitted a proposal for a total package, the EDC spoke in Berlin of movement and a “between the balance”.

The offered package containing all the elements for the ECGs are important, said a rail spokeswoman. Parts of the proposed overall solution to be “moderate wage increases, long-term, improved protection from dismissal and the extension of the regulations for childcare and care in Corona times.”

The Bahn AG is to say, on the basis of this “Corona-tariff package” to the recruitment offensive, especially in highly competitive professions to be noted. Furthermore, the company will offer in the next two years at a high level of training. In addition, the Deutsche Bahn and the EVG proposals do, “to reward the transfer of Knowledge, and to compensate the time”. The DB holding “a time close to understanding at the negotiating table more feasible”. In important respects there is an approach.

ECG negotiator Kristian Loroch said in the evening on request, “we are on a good path and making progress, piece by piece”. Both sides in all areas in the conversation, “but still a long way to go”. In addition to substantive issues, such as a “moderate wage claim” to be job security, as well as adequately train personnel as “core points” is important.

The Deutsche Bahn is aiming for, according to the spokesperson, “a socially balanced and economically meaningful tariff package”, in order from the Corona pandemic caused sales to compensate for failures: “We are clearly on the “Alliance for our railway”.” In the “Alliance for our railway,” had the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the management Board of DB AG, the ECG and the Group agreed to the works Council in may, there should be no job cuts and an end to the ongoing Recruitment campaign.

In the case of collective bargaining, it is nonetheless, personnel costs can be reduced. They were taken after five days of talks last week in Frankfurt. The group has to contend with high losses. In the Corona-crisis-the-minute were collapsed guest. Add to this the difficulties in the transport of goods and international business. The railway has 211.000 Employees in Germany.

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