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New drinks on the market: Beautiful spritzer – economic

With a heavy backpack on the back of Boris and Phillip run Differently through the James-Simon-Park at Hackescher Markt. “Hey, do you know Tealer?”, ask the people who bask in the sun on the Lawn. “We are the new iced tea from Berlin!” For the past two years, the brothers are on the go. Ten hours a day, seven days a week. After graduation, the twins were looking for a challenge, the Sport, the idea for a sugar low a soft drink came to them. The then-18-Year-old grabbed an iced tea recipe from their mother and invested in a bottling machine. A little later they stood with sealed plastic cups at the world Cup fan mile in Berlin.

The Anders brothers are not the only ones chasing the big dream of owning a hip drink. If you are looking in Bars and pubs, meets new organic sodas, iced teas and spritzers of all conceivable tastes. Pear-Rosemary, Rhubarb, Tarragon-Ginger, Honey Melon. The selection is enormous, the market is highly competitive.

In the nineties, it took Bionade – the undisputed pioneer among the alternatives, Bio-lemonades – as one of the first with Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite and soon became a cult drink. After a price increase of about 30 percent of some customers not more attracted to, loss of revenue were the result. From 2009, Bionade has been bought gradually by the Radeberger-group. The former Underdog Image was over, many saw the end of the former hype drink. However, since the Takeover by the Hassia mineral springs in the year 2018, Bionade is back with new varieties.

For young Start-ups, it is not easy to grasp in the industry, says Detlef Groß, CEO of the economic Association non-alcoholic drinks. Large often has contact to the founders and noted in particular a rise to blue-eyed in the business. “Only a small fraction is able to establish a long-term,” he says. Of five Start-ups that report to him, have usually only one is a good concept. “Some Start-Ups have no idea how many complex legal requirements must be observed.”

The food is the lawyer knows how treacherous the correct formulation, packaging and labelling for beginners can be. “This, in fact, many of the founders to the test.” The product, the next hurdle is waiting with logistical issues. Alone, the pledge system requires good planning and sufficient capital. Reusable bottles are sometimes a week in cafes, pubs or domestic refrigerators, and it takes a lot of time, until the manufacturer can fill new. A big bottle of stock is important, therefore, to keep production and filling permanently on the Run. All this costs a lot of money.

And then the major leap in the gastronomy and trade. Also Boris and Phillip Otherwise don’t want to walk forever with their iced teas through Berlin. Tealer, there is now a Café, and a cross-Berger’s deli. The brothers want to build, you want to win Hotels for the drink on there offer. “It is for Start-ups is also a major challenge, a regular distribution build,” says industry Association chief Large.

From his Visits at large retail chains he knows how a few of the many new drinks in the end in the super markets. “If a product like lead in the shelves, then it will be taken very quickly out of the range.” Joris Van Velzen has done it with his Bio-effervescent Vostok. Since 2009, he has been in business, the best sellers are bizarre varieties, such as fir forest, and plum-Cardamom. The drink in the Indie Look is not as well-known as Bionade, Club Mate and Fritz-kola, but van Velzen is with the Image satisfied. “We are eccentric, nischig and oblique for the Mainstream,” says the native of the low countries.

“Our place is in the Gourmet corner, where Vostok has hit a nerve.” Two million bottles, of bottling the company, 2019, 2020, it should have 3.5 million be, would not have been the pandemic in between. Van Velzen observed the Trends in the industry, but he did not want to cooperate so far. Of him there would be no coconut water, no rhubarb spritzer, no probiotic Kombucha tea. “The world doesn’t need more Mate,” he says. “Anyone who arrives now is in order, I think, naive.” If van Velzen is on trade fairs, on the road, he quickly skeptical. “At the latest, when a whole hall sold the full-bearded types, ginger turmeric Shots, I am convinced that this is nothing.”

In the trendy district it is preferred to support the Underdog-next-door than world group

Even industry giants such as Coca-Cola had recently put on new drinks. With Fuze Tea Coca-Cola in 2018 has given an answer to the iced-Hype. The popular Smoothie brand Innocent is now one of Coca-Cola. However, in the group of the Corona suggests crisis: 4000 of the 700 000 employees will have to go and you want to focus on the strong brands. The fits to the judgment of van Velzen: It is in the case of the consumer, if corporations wanted to be hip. As a serious competition he does not feel, therefore, that “The Big get it, to be authentically cool, and the kids are often too naive.”

So who wants to come today with his lemonade out there, should be especially personable and approachable, or at best be even. In the trendy area of support you prefer the Underdog-next-door as the world group. Those who have an original idea, not a blue-eyed approach to the matter go and help from larger partners get, believes Detlef Large, the have today is still a good chance.

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