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Nacho Duato: What I have swallowed I don’t know nobody

The dancer, director and choreographer Nacho Duato. EFE/ J. J. Guillen
The dancer, director and choreographer Nacho Duato. EFE/ J. J. Guillen

Madrid, 30 jun (EFE).- He says that if he had no “filter,” “went to know”, but the dancer, choreographer, and Spanish director Nacho Duato does not have hairs on the tongue, and claims that some German politicians have “mentality nazi”, the Spanish singer Pablo Alborán, they could have saved out of the closet and the Max Award of Honour which give it comes too soon.
“I’m very polite. If you think I have no filter because I say what of the germans… I’m being very polite. I was 20 years old here swallowing all that you can’t imagine. What I have swallowed I don’t know anyone. What I do have is that I slip. It gives Me the same thing what people think of me,” he said in an interview with EFE.
The Foundation SGAE, convenor of the awards of the performing arts most important of Spain, the Max, has announced that he is your next Max of Honour, a recognition he receives, as he explained, with “much humility and agradeciéndolo to the maximum extent” because those who have it, and quotes Nuria Espert, Pilar López or María de Avila, are “above” him.
However, he said, seems “a little extreme” and I would have liked more “in a few years”: “perhaps it is that the dancers, as we start very soon, we are older before or in the eyes of the jury see that we have already ceased to dance, and we have to give the prize soon”.
It feels like “the age”, that is to say, 63 years old -“as Rajoy (president of the Spanish Government),” she laughs-and, of course, that given the “lifetime achievement award” when she still has “so much for running, so much ahead, so much to learn…” although, he admitted, it is also true that it takes “more than 30 years running and more than 40 dancing”.
For doing the interview chose the Royal Theatre, which “should be”, he claims, the headquarters of the National Dance Company (CND): “it would require the ministry of Culture that came here and ordered ‘the CND has to dance here a minimum of 30 times’. We are the only country that has no stable domestic company in a national theatre, the only capital of Europe. It is a scandal”.
Have you made peace with Spain? “I’ve never been at war despite the fact that I’ve said that I’m not Spanish but I do not feel anything. People want to be Spanish, dancer and valencian and I don’t feel anything like that,” he said.
Was 20 years (1990 to 2010), directing the National Dance Company (CND), of which he left so little friendly for a long time forbade danced their choreography, but now there is a lot of tuning and has agreed with the current director, Joaquin de Luz, that will make a choreography for them, maybe in 2021: “we’ll see”, he concluded.
Since his departure from the NDC has been in the Ballet of the Theatre, Mikhailovski in St. Petersburg (2011-2015), the Ballet of the Staats Oper Berlin (2015-2018) and has returned to the Mikhailovski although now only happens in Russia five months of the year.
Of Berlin, of his audience and his dancers have many good things to say, but some of their politicians… just bad.
“It has been the experience of most terrible I have ever had in my life. I have not seen anything like it in my entire life. Always recriminándote, that if this is right, why don’t you make a release, why not do the other thing… it Is as are the germans. There is a lot of mentality still nazi. And not what I say. What has Ai WeiWei”.
“The original contract was for five years but the second I was stating that I would have to leave when normally you would say the previous year. There I decided that it would be for four years or because I was going or drove me crazy and put a pump at the theatre,” he said.
“The politicians they treated me like a gasterbeiter -workers who migrated to Germany in the 60s-that was there to clean toilets, more or less, not as a director of opera at the level of Barenboim. I have never heard of and listen to another German.”
It has never had “critical worst” that in Berlin, but in Russia, “the birthplace of ballet”, where you could put “soup”, I have received “great” and do not want it to go away: “I pamper her, I respect the job,” he said.
I hate flags because, he said, “have done more harm than good”, including the gay. “Is that it is not necessary”, he argues, as it does, in your opinion, a statement such as that of Pablo Alborán.
“It is not, or to what has been said to this point. I came out of the closet 23 years ago and put together a bit of a stir and Terelu(presenting in Spanish) said -and aflautó the voice to imitate her- ‘if you already knew he was gay for what he says’. Because what I say because what I have to say I do. Now as (Paul), poor boy, already gives the same thing. Already knew. Now, just the same”.
“I threw eggs the next day to say it by the plaza mayor, but now Paul’s not going to do that though you need to always be alert because there is no time of day that you do not throw a glance, even to me now”, he stressed.
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