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“More afraid of the assault a citizen that the police repression”: the first lady of Colombia

First Lady, Mary Juliana Ruiz / Presidencia
First Lady, Mary Juliana Ruiz / Presidencia

The first lady of Colombia, Mary Juliana Ruiz, has been kept away from the media since her husband, Ivan, Duke took office as the president of the Republic.

Although, Ruiz leads multiple campaigns for children and young people from the Presidency, they knew little about their opinions. In an interview with News Snail, the first lady was uncovered and released various comments that have generated controversy in social networks.

The journalist and tv presenter Martha Lucia Ramirez asked if at some point in time, when your children will want to go out to protest, “do you leave them in a country like Colombia where we have seen the police repression?”.

To which the first lady responded: “Scares Me more aggression citizen that the police repression. But, the protest is a legitimate right, not to deny my children in this country and, I hope, in no other”.

And he added: “what we have in mind is that my children do not go out to the street in a violent way, not to go with aggression, and hate. I would make sure, and today in the hearts of my three children we have sown what is necessary, to go out to the streets with love, with joy, with enthusiasm, with proposals, with solidarity.”

Of course, this statement generated a multitude of reactions:

The statements of the first lady generated various comments on Twitter.
The statements of the first lady generated various comments on Twitter.

In the interview, Maria Juliana Ruiz reported that the pandemic coronavirus touched around the world, and in your case has not been “perhaps very different from that of the vast majority of families in colombia”.

The journalist also asked about the campaign ‘Help us do well’ that leads from several months ago.

“The most important thing is that precisely this aid came at the right time. Thanks to the use of Big Data we have been able to establish that, of the million markets, almost 6 thousand were delivered just in that call that we received from the confinement,” said the first lady.

Likewise, he confessed that he would like that colombians are proud of knowing “that were a part of something, to Colombia, transcendental. This year, mid-year, Colombia had knowledge of a figure that is really encouraging, is not satisfactory, but it is encouraging and motivating: we reduced by more than 40 % of the notifications of deaths due to malnutrition in our country and what we did in the middle of a pandemic”.

In front if it is the one that speaks to the ear of the president Iván Duque, the first lady said: “I don’t know if I speak to the ear, but spoke to the heart. I’ve always had in mind the need to reinforce something that for him is a premise of life, and maybe it has been for our family, and it is a comprehensive vision, broad, of who and how we are to positively impact, with a common thread that has always been the humanization, empathy.”

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