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Marathon Shares Jump 20% on Q4 Earnings Optimism

Marathon’s (MARA) stock price went up more than 20% on the Nasdaq, hitting $29, as investors got more excited about the company’s upcoming earnings report.

The recent rise in Bitcoin prices and the possible effect on Marathon’s operational success are two main reasons for the surge.

Bitcoin Boom Propels Marathon Shares

Zacks Investment Research analysts are very optimistic about Marathon’s fourth-quarter results, predicting that the company’s sales will rise by 100% compared to the same time last year.

The expected sales for Q4 equal $138.2 million, a 385% increase from the same time last year. Zacks says this optimistic view is due to Marathon Digital’s predicted boost from more Bitcoin being made and the rise in Bitcoin prices.

Seeking Alpha analyst Thomas Potter says that the upcoming earnings call is essential for Marathon and its clients. Potter says that the call will be crucial for figuring out if the company can keep or improve its present financial situation. Zacks says that most people think Marathon’s bottom line will be $0.05 per share.

Experts in the field also say that Marathon’s upcoming earnings report will show how well they prepare for the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. The halving event is coming up soon and will cut the Bitcoin mining payouts in half, from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

A Bitcoin halving happens every 210,000 blocks, or about every four years. It is one of the most important ways to protect the cryptocurrency’s long-term value and stop growth.

During the halving event, mining rewards were cut in half. This changed the rate at which new Bitcoins are made and the total amount of BTC in circulation. Marathon’s ability to adapt and do well in this changing environment will be closely examined during the results call. 

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