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Low Float Trading is Helping Users by Leveling-up their Momentum Trading Process

Nevada, US, 30 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRELow float stocks are known for their volatile nature, and investors often find themselves in a difficult position while finding the entry or exit positions of these stocks. LowFloatTrading LLC has opened a new way of making investors experience more profitable. The company helps investors take their trading endeavors to a new level by leveraging Artificial Intelligence-powered low float and penny stock market scanners. These tools make use of advanced technology and enable investors to gain a competitive market edge.

LowFloatTrading LLC was founded by Michael Keen, the 34-year-old entrepreneur, and investor who made headway into the financial sector and launched a new “Low Float” trading signals platform on Discord in mid-2021. Originating from the United Kingdom, he has made his way to the United States, seeking out the legends of Wall Street. Low Float Trading is developed to level up momentum trading for its users and grant them perfect market timing opportunities with unmatched accuracy and a speed that is second to none.

Anyone irrespective of experience can follow their steps. Firstly, users are provided with lightning-fast alerts for the day’s big movers in the company’s Discord channel. Set-ups are shown with entry positions and the platform offers risk management with take-profits and stops loss markers. Lastly, a user can also manage their trading positions with the ongoing parabolic momentum alerts that enable them to know the perfect timing and opportunities. This way, the channel furnishes immediate live signals during both extended and market hours in Discord. The program supplies the entry set-up at the first alert so that users are always two steps ahead of others in the market and grab every good chance seamlessly.

With a dedicated news channel, a user can easily understand what is causing the demand vs. supply imbalance and know the reason behind market trends. Like the low float momentum alerts, the platform also offers the tracking of OTC (Pink Sheet) stocks. The team has devised a separate scanner for OTC Pink Sheet stocks to reduce the “noise significantly.” These types of stocks carry a higher risk than other low float counterparts.

The major dilemma with trading signals is that sometimes by the time one receives the alert, checks the stock chart and the news, then decides to open a trade, it’s usually too late and the opportunity is missed. This is precisely where Low Float Trading seeks to step in. The development team has revealed that they are currently in the beta phase of an Auto-stock trading bot “NeXuS”, which will take the signals and automatically place them seamlessly with a broker. The software used by the company has already been provisionally filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It is all set to become the game-changer for stock marketers, investors, and trading enthusiasts.

New traders often find themselves overwhelmed with complicated trading platforms that house intricate functionalities and fail to deliver quick and accurate results. Low Float Trading aims to help such traders overcome the initial difficulties with a simple yet efficient platform. The developers have studied leading market platforms to formulate their service so that it meets the requirements of all kinds of traders irrespective of their level of expertise in understanding the market. With Low Float Trading, one would always remain at the top of their game.

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Company: LowFloatTrading LLC

Website: www.lowfloattrading.com

Email: [email protected]

Country: United States

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