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Low-cost Merchant Account & Global Online Payment Gateway in India

Payment gateways are the most opted payment system for all kinds of businesses. Along with being the most chosen one, it has also proven to be necessary to have it installed and to get a merchant account with a payment gateway service provider. Well, there are options available but the most ideal one is to have with a third party payment gateway. In India, one of the most popular is PayKun.

The benefits of the third party payment gateway are that it provides a customized solution, multiple payment options and up to the mark customer services. What’s more, is that its merchant account is easy to setup. In addition to all these benefits, there is much more with PayKun which adds to the reason, why you should select PayKun global payment gateway as your payment processor. PayKun is safe, secure, and reliable and also it provides a very low-cost merchant account for any kind of Indian business.

The features of PayKun are listed below which helps you to gain confidence for getting registered with it:

Easy Registration and Onboarding Process

The whole signing up and registration process for the merchant account is online. It requires only basic required documents which are the obligatory requirements for any payment gateway. After registering you may simply, wait for the speedy verification and the onboarding team will take care of the rest. It will guide you further and remain in constant touch for the same. The verification is required due to strict guidelines but the process is speedy with all the details and documents available.

Low-Cost Fees and Pricing

It is very obvious that you would not be willing to spend more than required and also that more than an affordable share is taken by your payment processor. PayKun provides a cost-effective solution for all types of businesses. International transaction charges are very much affordable.

It charges the lowest per-transaction fees (TDR) for domestic transactions in India. Apart from a per transaction fee, there is no other type of charge levied by PayKun Payment Gateway, which is for international as well as domestic services.

There are no setup fees or charges for maintenance. Hidden fees are zero and also it provides free integration services too.

International Services

You can extend your business services globally and make this easier with the international merchant account with PayKun. It supports multiple currencies and all major countries for payment acceptance in India. The registration is easy and requires basic obligatory details and documentation for the same.

Integration Services

There are easy and free plugins and SDKs available online for PayKun integration. This requires very little coding but no technical knowledge. You can get free assistance from PayKun technical team. All major platforms are supported and integration kits are available for them, such as PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc.

Payment Links

Even if you do not have your business website or mobile application or if you have it but are not using it for accepting payments then global payments can still be collected with PayKun without it. Payment Link feature is useful for the same. This is like a normal link and to be created from the PayKun merchant account (dashboard). It is to be copied, pasted, and sent normally. The customer will receive it through WhatsApp, Messenger, email, etc. He will open it and will get a checkout page to make the payment with his desired payment method option.

Payment Methods

One of the major advantages of using PayKun is that your customer would get all major payment methods as options by which they can make the payment. He can use his preferred payment method from different debits cards, credit cards, wallets, net banking, UPI, etc.


Online frauds and thefts are widespread in online payments. PayKun follows the highest level of security and is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. This secures the online payments and mainly sensitive card data. It also follows the AES Encryption standards, by this, all the sensitive data is passed in a coded manner which makes it difficult to be compromised. This way your data and funds are safe with your PayKun merchant account.


You may sign up now and try the PayKun test mode. If it is as per your expectations, you may inquire more and can also get customized pricing plans (as per your business model and transaction volume).

PayKun Payment Gateway provides the best support services too through all mediums like calls, emails, and chats. You may simply drop an email at support@paykun.com for any queries, concerns or issues for speedy resolution.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche. He attended a technical school in Florida.

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