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Living room set: Six mistakes that you should avoid when setting up

Living room design
Carpet small Sofa large: This means mistakes you should avoid

The bookshelf is crammed full and makes the room appear unsettled

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Once the carpet is the wrong size, the bookshelf is not correctly sorted: even a small error in the interior of the living room can ruin the overall impression. Here are some tips on how to do it better.

You want to design your living room? A new Seating area to buy? Or just the furniture set up – but a really great idea is you come yet?

In fact, we are celebrating the establishment of our main living space in the apartment, serious mistakes, said some of the facility professionals to the “Business Insider”. The Sofa we mostly push on a wall, the carpet is barely larger than the table underneath it. And the TV? Attached to the wrong place.

1. Do not buy any Seating area

In most furniture stores, customers get a sitting area in the Set: Sofa, armchair, and stool – all with the same respect and the same optics. However, such Sets of mountains and what the area looks to be the same. Visually, no voltage is generated. It would be better, chair, and Sofa to match – but also differences to allow for.

2. The TV is hanging incorrectly

You can hang thin TV sets now on the wall, is practical and saves space. However, the TV should be hung at eye level – and thus not over fireplaces or Sideboards to be attached if these are too high.

Sofa and armchair

Sofa and chair don’t match actually. But through the optical, and the colour of the window frame, the pieces of furniture complement

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3. Many light sources create

A skylight and a floor to lamps? Light gives a room atmosphere and a cosy feel. Therefore, smaller light sources are on side tables or on a shelf perfectly, when the room is indirectly lit.

4. Furniture of the correct size to purchase

Who pushes a massive Sofa in a small living room, slays the room. And a small Sofa in a large room, looks lost. The right proportions are important, says Sonja Rasula, a former interior designer for the “Home to Go” of the US-American TV channel HGTV. It is recommended to allow for larger spaces between 76 and 91 centimetres of space between the furniture pieces in smaller spaces, about 45 to 60 centimeters.

5. The shelf make the best use of

A bookshelf also houses all sorts of other things in the living room. However, no books or other objects should protrude from the shelf. This gives the room a crowded look. In addition, you do not should plug the shelf to be full, but the books properly, putting a few compartments for other things open spaces.

6. The Sofa on the wall slide?

It’s a Reflex: when you furnish the living room, pushes the couch to the wall. Lauren White, the owner and main designer of Ellen W. Interior Concepts, provides Sofas freely in the space. “Free-standing furniture mean that you will be providing some furniture to the wall, but others in the middle of the room,” she says of the “Business Insider”. “If you do that in your living room, feel the room is larger and also looks like, because you can run around.”

7. Carpet too small or large

Carpets structure the space, but can not irritate, especially if it is the right size. A large rug to dominate the room, one that is too small makes the room visually smaller. Anyone who is unsure, should be marked prior to the purchase, the dimensions with Masking tape on the floor. So you get a better idea of whether it is the right size.

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