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Ledger Partners with Blackrock for BUIDL Token

Ledger, a renowned hardware wallet firm, has forged a new partnership with the leading investment management firm, Blackrock, according to an official announcement today.

Per the announcement, the partnership has seen Ledger and Blackrock combine efforts to launch its BUILD token.

BUIDL Promises Exclusive Offers and Security 

Launched as a product of Ledger’s cutting-edge technology and Blackrock’s finance expertise, the token promises a lot of benefits to users. Due to its design, BUIDL poses improved liquidity, diversified investment avenues, and seamless incorporation into the Ledger ecosystem.

While Ledger is renowned for its high-security standards, the platform will extend this feature to its revolutionary token, thereby promising holders all-time security and protection over their BUIDL holdings.

Following Ledger’s collaboration with Blackrock, the token has been designed to offer holders exclusive access to Blackrock’s sophisticated investment strategies. As such, BUIDL holders have the opportunity to expand their portfolio and maximize profits while leveraging the efforts posed by the integration to enjoy seamless user experiences.

In addition to this, BUIDL token holders will be allowed access to incentive programs and discounts open to only members of the Ledger and Blackrock partnership.

Free BUIDL Token For Ledger Community Members

As a way to incentivize its community members on the new development, Ledger is offering its members an opportunity to claim a share of its BUIDL portion for free. Notable, this propels further adoption for the token as more engagement on the token exposes it to gaining mainstream appeal.

While the Ledger wallet has previously been backlashed for data security issues, this new development poses further fortification to its strength and foothold in the crypto ecosystem.

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