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“Leaps and bounds” increased by: premium provides a boost in interest in electric cars

The beginning of June, an increase in buyer’s premium for electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids provides a strong impetus to the interest in cars with these drive technologies.

Although the impact on car registrations and funding applications to the Federal office of Economics and export control are still limited, but demand picks up, such as evaluations of the two major Online-new cars, intermediary Carwow and my car show. The registration numbers and requests for support, is this due to months-long periods of low supply, however, is expected to be delayed.

At Carwow has doubled the proportion of pure electric cars on the configurations on the home page from may to June more than. Hybrid also, though not quite so strong. Also in my car there is a corresponding Boom in interest in E-cars and hybrids, with a doubling of the proportion from may to June. “We see a significant effect of the environmental premium on the demand for electric vehicles”, says managing Director Marco Steinfatt. The demand was increased after the entry into force of the higher premium “leaps and bounds”.

Thomas Peckruhn, Vice-President of the Central Association of German motor vehicle trades and Skoda dealer in the classic trading, however, no major E-car-thrust due to the increased premium. However, according to him, the differences between the various brands – what is due to the fact that not all products have sufficiently large quotas of electric cars.

Significantly more optimistic for the auto trade Peckruhn agreed to the VAT reduction, from the vehicles of all drive types benefit. This was in customers ‘ “very present,” he says. Overall, the order is stabilized inputs significantly in the meantime. “Many colleagues say: “We are back on the flight altitude.”” Until the in the number of new registrations numbers reflected, it will be because of the delivery times for cars however, some of the time. In June, the number of new registrations had almost a third of overall numbers still below the value from the same month last year located.

Since the 3. In June, the new increased buyer’s premium for electric cars. It may consist of a grant of up to 6000 euros from the government and a discount of up to 3000 euros from the manufacturer. In the whole of June, a total of 8234 applications have been made to the Bonus, 500 more than in may. Most often it was cars of the brand VW with 1125 applications in June, the Mercedes-Benz 926 and the Audi 918. Renault were 874 requests on rank four in front of the BMW with 797.

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