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Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt: demand halved car buyers hold back

A new car is currently only for a few German on the Agenda. In may well of 168,000 cars were newly registered, only about half as much as in the same month last year, as the Federal motor transport authority in Flensburg announced.

Thus, the car market has in the Corona-crisis after the sharp downturn in March and April, recovered hardly. In April, new registrations had located more than 60 per cent on the previous year and had fallen to the lowest level since 1991.

“We see now that the re-opening of the car dealerships had at the end of April as well as no positive effect on the demand,” said Reinhard Zirpel, the President of the Association of International motor vehicle manufacturers. Also Used changed in may, rarely the owners.

June is likely to be for car dealerships is also a difficult month. Because the Federal government is planning to reduce from July onwards, the VAT for a half a year. This should help boost the economy. If you don’t need a new car, you will probably have to wait until July. The German car maker announced the price advantage to their customers

The car maker is in urgent need of a turnaround. From January to may, so a few cars are not in the German plants have run for 45 years, such as the Association of the car told the mobile industry. 1.2 million passenger Cars represented a decline of 44 percent. Also in may, the manufacturer of goods and the production only slowly.

On the preferences of the buyer, the crisis has not changed so far a lot of. Every fifth new car was an SUV, well, every second newly registered passenger Car with gasoline. Alternative drives continue to rise, almost 5600 of pure electric Cars were registered as well as well-22.800 Hybrid with a combined combustion engine and electric motor.

Unlike passenger Cars, buses, trucks and tractors, jumped to a Segment in may, the authorisation number clearly on the top: in the face of Corona-restrictions in Hotels were admitted 10.460 camper new, 29 percent more than a year earlier.

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