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Juan Grabois: “it Is important that you do not follow concentrating on the food market”

The social point of reference Juan Grabois welcomed the announcement of the National Government to intervene and expropriate the company agro-export Vicentin: “It is important that you do not continue to be concentrating on the food market”.

The leader of the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP), called “rip-off” the loan that was granted to Vicentin during the administration of Mauricio Macri. “It came in silver out of the Monetary Fund and with the same hand that was grabbed gave him a lot of money to this company; no one had the remotest idea, nor is it disputed a year ago, but it was an expropriation also, an expropriation of 20 billion pesos, a confiscation, a rubo, a scam”emphasized in dialogue with the channel America.

“It was an accomplice to the people who signed the loan knowing that I had no guarantees, which is coincidentally people who had received a hearty contribution of campaign of that company, which despite of having the capital called for the contest, closed the doors, put at risk 5 thousand jobs, and remained with the silver producers,” said Grabois, and insisted that it was “a scam sidereal”. “The most logical is that the creditor, in this case, the State, wants to ensure that that asset of the people of argentina not to lose”added.

In favor of the decision of Alberto Fernandez to move towards the expropriation of Vicentin, the referent of the CTEP stressed that “it is important that you do not continue to be concentrating on the food market”. In that sense he said that in Argentina there is “a serious problem”: “If a country’s agro-export can’t feed your people, if the Ministry of Social Development can not buy food because it does not work the distribution of food to our poorer brothers and sisters who do not have to eat, if people die of hunger in the Chaco, a problem with the food sector there is…”.

Asked by if he does not fear the expropriation of the cereal may end up as the backhand court which passes through Argentina in international courts for the nationalization of YPF, Grabois stated that their “fear” is that “the people die of hunger.” “With the method of making of account that nothing happens and not to intervene in the imbalance of the food market of us was bad. Not sure if this is going to go barbarian, but what you have been doing works very bad, not only for the poor, for anyone who goes to the supermarket”she opined.

“In the country of the cows can not drink milk and in the breadbasket of the world, you can not eat bread”, described the food situation in argentina.

In addition, Juan Grabois referred to the constant comparisons that are made Together with the Change in the government team with the chavez, the dictator Nicolas Maduro and the economic and social crisis of Venezuela, and held that the opposition seeks to generate “the feeling that comes a kind of castrochavismo”.

Pointing to Together for Change by making “campaign of fear”, the social concern said: “it has nothing to see what’s happening in Venezuela with what is happening in Argentina. He tries to put the finger in the sore has a vocation destructive. It is of ill will, intellectually hypocritical”.

“It is a lie to say that Argentina is on the way to Venezuela. No one would like to be like Venezuela or the venezuelan people,”he emphasized and expressed the view that “a lot of people would like a model where the State guarantees the social rights of elementary, that implies a certain level of activity of the public as happens in all countries as the Pinedo of the life they say to admire”, compared targeting the former senator to Change who just compared the decision of the Government with the chavez.

Grabois said that the opposition and the business sector came to attack the initiative of Fernandez, “without a second” analysis, “it seems that it comes to the apocalypse,” he quipped.

“These entrepreneurs respectable nor complained much of the loans that were given to Vicentin and then they are going to say to daddy State, ‘daddy state, please págueme the labor costs that I have because I’m in quarantine’. I thought capitalism was that the employer has gains and risks, then if there is a problem, a big company has to bear the risks, but go and ask daddy State ‘please regáleme silver for me to subsidize my costs’. This is a subsidy for the rich, it is very unfair. Now you come to say that the state cannot manage anything, it is contradictory,” concluded the critic, the leader of the CTEP.

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