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Jobs In Crypto: Top 5 Skill Types

Jobs in crypto are plentiful as we live in a fascinating time in the world of cryptocurrency. Thousands of new coins are being created and traded daily, and new projects are popping up all over the place. While some people might be worried about the current state of crypto – after all, many people lost money when Bitcoin crashed recently – there’s still plenty to be optimistic about. 

There are some great jobs for people who want to work with blockchain technology or help build communities around those projects. Here are five hot jobs in crypto right now:

  • Development – Full Stack, Front End, Back End, Platform

Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer deals with all aspects of a software project, from the front end to the back end. For example, they might be responsible for designing the user interface and developing it in HTML/CSS. Or they might do server-side development with PHP or Ruby on Rails and then connect it to a database using SQL. Full stack developer is one of the highest-paying types of jobs in crypto, but also the more challenging one to land. 

Front End Developer

The front end is what you see when you open up an app or website. It’s the part that handles how things look, how they move around when you interact with them, how the text looks in different fonts and sizes, etc. 

A front end developer works on this part of a site or app. Front ends often use frameworks like Bootstrap (for responsive design) or AngularJS (for single-page apps). 

Back End Developer

Back end developers typically use Python for their web application needs. That is because it has excellent support for web frameworks such as Django, which makes it easy to build database-driven applications quickly. Moreover, one doesn’t have to deal with tedious details like database migrations. Instead, automated tools handle most of this work for you once appropriately installed!

  • Blockchain Engineering

Blockchain engineering is the skill you need to work on the technology at the heart of cryptocurrencies. It’s similar to software engineering in that it requires an understanding of how computers work. However, it also involves breaking down complex problems into their simplest parts and solving them piece by piece.

Blockchain engineers are responsible for building applications and systems. These solutions must ensure that data can be shared securely across multiple systems through a decentralized network.

Blockchain engineers know about cryptography, distributed computing, and peer-to-peer networking protocols. They may also need knowledge or experience with coding languages like C++ or Java and scripting languages such as Python or Go (Golang).

  • Marketing Jobs In Crypto

Marketing is a broad term that can include social media, public relations, advertising, and more. It’s the driving force behind getting people to use a product or service.

Cryptocurrency jobs in marketing are varied but often include writing blog posts, creating ads, and developing content for social media channels. You might also be responsible for promoting a specific cryptocurrency project on Twitter and other platforms.

In addition to these roles, you’ll likely be tasked with managing customer service queries. That coincides with working on your projects related to content generation (such as writing articles) or coming up with ideas for engaging initiatives like giveaways or competitions.

  • Operations and Customer Service

Operations and customer service are two skill types that are vital to the success of any company, and they’re essential in crypto.

Operations jobs include project manager, product manager, and marketing manager. These people keep projects on track by managing resources and ensuring that employees do their jobs efficiently. They also develop new products based on customer feedback and oversee every aspect of a business’s day-to-day operations.

Customer service roles include:

  • Customer support specialists (who answer questions from customers).
  • Account managers (who assist with account maintenance or sales).
  • Customer success managers (who help ensure that customers have a positive experience).

These roles are essential for companies looking for growth because happy customers will refer their friends—and everyone wins!

  • Community Management Jobs In Crypto

Community management, or CM for short, is the art of fostering an online community and creating a safe space for them to be themselves. There are plenty such jobs in crypto due to the growing number of projects and ideas.

Community managers are responsible for creating a sense of belonging among their followers. They understand that people come together in communities because they have common interests. As such, the manager ensures these interests are catered to in the most effective way possible.

CM’s have different functions depending on what sort of community they’re managing:

  • Customer support: This type of CM handles customer inquiries and helps them with any issues or problems related to using your product or service. Those can include billing questions, refunds, and returns, technical difficulties, etc…
  • Marketing: These folks help promote products or services through various channels, including blogs, videos, or user-generated content (UGC). They also monitor how well these marketing efforts are working to make adjustments when necessary.

There are some hot jobs in crypto right now that you might want to explore or consider.

As you may have noticed, there are many jobs in crypto right now that you might want to explore or consider. First, here are the five most popular types of jobs:

  • Data Scientist/Statistician
  • Software Engineer/Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing/Communications Specialist (or similar)
  • Designers


Many options might suit your skills if you’re interested in jobs in crypto. However, there are also many jobs for people who have not worked in this space before but are passionate about learning new things or exploring new ideas. You can look at our list and see if any of these jobs sound like something you’d like to pursue!

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