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Job change – Frustrated in the profession? How to find Jobs that make a fun.

Daniela Schmidt advises in Hamburg, people who are unhappy in their profession, but they have no idea what they could make otherwise. She knows what she is talking about. Originally, she helped as a midwife to new life in the world, studied biology, worked for various clinics and companies, and later as a science journalist and presenter.

Mrs. Schmidt, various surveys indicate that over half of Germans are dissatisfied in their profession, but rarely a job change. We have such a bad luck in the choice of profession?

If someone does not like his Job or profession, must not have been on the one hand, always been that way. On the other hand, sometimes practical Considerations have led to a career choice that had to do with interest so much. In fact, many of experience in and around the 40 a kind of sense of crisis. You have made your way, maybe even a career, but until the pension to continue, then it is hard to imagine. Instead, values and sense pen back end activities in the foreground. Also, boredom is an issue. As we are seeing in the Coaching often.

If you know what a reorientation is in the way?

Dissatisfaction is not enough as a Motivation. Orientation means Yes, that, I think, for me, a direction, and as specifically as possible. As a starting point helps to make it clear: What are the skills I bring with me, where my Strengths lie, and where I can develop myself, what I would like to learn maybe. However, you should keep two things apart: to do something well and to do something like that.

That is not?

In the ideal case, Yes, but sometimes not. To very simple example: a Good read, is not to read like that. Someone who can organise, possibly would much rather be creative than in project management. He must be, of course, first be aware, therefore, the Central question is: What I want is what is important to me, what drives me? So the “can be Here I want out”attitude to a “Because I want to“attitude forming is a kind of door opener in search of a new place. This doesn’t have to be a new profession, but maybe just a different industry or a small business instead of a big group.

What you can do to find its place?

Anyone who likes to, can create a vision collage: a couple of magazines with different topics to browse and the pictures are cut, which produce a positive feeling or a Smile, and on a large sheet of paper glue. When Viewing the work, or when you talk reveals where the journey can go. Or you can ask friends, colleagues, family: How do you experience me, what I can see from your point of view well, where do you see me? So a feedback from the Outside provides impetus valuable of thinking. We also have a professional personality and motif analysis can be very helpful. On this basis, I can then open the compartments. When making decisions, one of which is from my point of view at the end is important: that the gut and the head agree.

Then you have to find just the right Job …

This is of course a challenge, and without effort, it is not. New activities can be different Due to find. Sometimes, the advice from the employment Agency helps. In addition to the General Online job boards, there are also industry-specific search engines, where you can create a profile. To learn about company more suitable to their web sites or in the evaluation portal Kununu. It is also helpful to talk with people from a particular industry. On LinkdIn and Xing there are numerous groups that can come in contact with. To use networks is important.

Companies will appreciate a New – or newcomers?

In Germany, this is sometimes difficult. Our labour market is still fixated on the financial statements and complete CVS. A vacancy can still fit so well to their own skills and experience, if a candidate is not, for example, has exactly the required degree, he will be sorted out eventually. In my view, many employers are awarded to opportunities. Just who brings experience from a different industry and the appropriate skills beyond formal degrees and other certificates, it can be a profit for a company – although, of course, highly specialized activities require appropriate qualifications. Some employers may have a hard time envisioning how much potential can be put in a human. Especially in the case of older applicants, experience should weigh more than a certain degree.

When is training useful?

If I know my target. Training is not only very time-consuming, but often it costs money. The market in Germany is large and ranges from training courses to the employment agencies and businesses to the financial statements at a remote University. You should be well-informed and the offer with the goal of matching, before you get into a training.

Then self-employment would still

Yes, that may be an Option. And here, too, it is worth a few thoughts grind to invest more. Because for a selbstständi plain, it needs not only a good idea, technical Know-how, self-confidence, and a market for the thing. Who is self-employed, an entrepreneur should also like Numbers and business sense to bring.

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