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Italy company wiggle and the Mafia is available as a helper

Dirty Money
Italy company wiggle and the Mafia is available as a helper

The Mafia promises of the Corona-crisis economic opportunities

© Lena Klimkeit / DPA

The Italian Mafia is trying, in the Corona-crisis to expand operations. The Criminal act as a kind of alternative Bank loan for a troubled company.

The investigators of the financial police of Naples were at the beginning of August in the blue-light convoy. Officials arrests in the surrounding area of the southern Italian city of two Suspects. The allegations: loan-sharking, with Mafia-methods and extortion. Around 550,000 euros borrowed family entrepreneurs from the tourism sector years ago in the case of the Criminal, as the authorities reported. Because of the failures of the Corona-crisis they could not pay their 5500 Euro interest rates on a monthly basis. The money lenders threatened with the Takeover of the operation. Then, the entrepreneurs provided the Mafia hunters important tips for the investigation.

In this case, ran from the point of view of the Criminals something wrong. However, many of the affected entrepreneurs do not dare to call the investigators on the Plan. And the Corona of a crisis could exacerbate the problems with the Mafia yet.

Italy’s economy, the gross domestic product in the EU, the number three, after the Covid-shock urgent liquidity. Politicians and experts are raising the Alarm that lack of money could still be more firms in the clutches of Mafia gangs. The Clans, with their billion-revenue from drug trafficking, waste, and weapons deals might be available to pump large sums of money in regular cycles.

Type the Bank Manager instead of cinema-the godfather

That ‘Ndrangheta, Camorra, and other groups of Bars, Cafes, and gambling houses operate, is known. The Corona Crash now but also the breeding ground, they become a sort of alternative credit Bank for medium-sized and large companies, so the vision of Horror. With the lurid Image of a cinema-“the godfather” as Don Vito Corleone from the past has in common, the little, it’s more to do with the type of Bank Manager with interest calculator.

So a scenario for “modern Mafia-models” designed the Anti-Mafia Agency DIA in the middle of July in its interim report. “For some time, the tendency can be observed that Mafia organizations avoid spectacular actions,” it said. Quietly and secretly “directing your attention to entrepreneurial areas” to your capital.

In the first step, you will concentrate, therefore, on the old strongholds in the South. There you want to Lingen “the most vulnerable companies closing down”. In a second, medium – to long-term scenario, in particular the powerful ‘Ndrangheta from Calabria plane, even stronger “as a ‘global Player’ to act reliably and effectively”.

Non-Bureaucratic Financial Injection

For over-indebted firms struggling with lack of money, were the bureaucracy and the banks too cumbersome, so the default action in the Mediterranean country. Therefore, quick financial injection in spite of the illegal origin of the customer.

Such criticism of the state Minister Luciana Lamorgese knows the inside. She was formerly a Top civil servant. The politician warned repeatedly before the rise of the Clans. At the presentation of the safety report in mid-August you called the Corona-a state of emergency, “a special time, because organized crime and the Mafia can react quickly and in the legal economy infiltration”.

The starting point for many companies in Italy even before the pandemic, with over 35,000 dead shaky, as the international credit insurer, Coface analyzed. Although the company would have been able to reduce their debt – to – shares compared to the peak in 2011, after the financial crisis of 2008 to 2019. Nevertheless: “With a debt ratio of 50 percent of the companies in Italy are now the most indebted among the major European economies,” write the experts. In addition, some sectors would be able to realize their loans barely in Innovation and future values. Retail trade, construction and small textile producers were highly vulnerable.

There are legal Alternatives

Italy’s gross domestic fell out of the product in the second quarter of 2020, in comparison to the first quarter of the year to 12.4 percent, makes a speedy recovery is not likely. Nevertheless, there are signals that a rise of the Mafia must be due to the Virus crisis is no automatism.

As a result of the financial crisis starting in 2008, a mob had been observed recovery. Marcos Carias, southern Europe, expert at Coface, indicates, however, differences: the crisis in the banking sector have taken their output. “A huge and lasting credit created terminal the space for dirty money, in order to win market shares. At the Moment, things are quite different: We have a crisis beginning in the real economy, and the banks have responded with aggressive credit expansion (…).” The public Liquidity support had also played its part.

The highly indebted state has launched since the spring of several multi-billion financial programs. For example, the EU approved recently of around two billion euros for guarantees on the insurance market for corporate loans. And the banks in the country increased in June, its lending to the company significantly, by 3.7 percent compared to the previous year. Also this can help to give the Mafia even more space.

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