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“It will be worth it” – economy

Who want to make on the opening day of the BER, an idea of how exciting flying can be, was not in a better BER. “We stand” is the name of the exhibition in Berlin’s Kupferstichkabinett, the not opened, of course, quite by accident this Morning. 80 works on the fly are there to see, from the middle ages to today. Albrecht dürer’s woodcut “Christ’s ascension” of 1510, for example, or the “Flying fish” by Eduard Hildebrandt from the 19th century. Century. All of them are documents of the fascination, which means the fly for the people. In the meantime, this is known to be different.

At BER, the demonstrated, especially the activists of the “On the ground” and other climate protection initiatives. Her Plan, so she wrote on Twitter, to put the “BER-opening on ice”. At noon, there were around 500 people who marched in the streets with bicycles and posters on the upper level outside the departure hall – “BER-opening: Cancelled due to the climate crisis”. Below, in the arrival hall, attempted a further 30 activists to block the path in the Terminal. “5, 6, 7, 8, the BER is made flat”, they shouted. It came different. The futility of the action was almost a little sad, a few hundred police prevented the Protest could also be ignition only.

Very smooth it’s not delivery yet also at the opening. Actually, one Lufthansa, one of the Easyjet should land around 14 o’clock in two machines in parallel. But the sky was cloudy, it was raining. For safety reasons, the aircraft of Easyjet, a few minutes later, flight LH2020 first landed. On Board Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr was. “It took a few years longer,” said Spohr after the arrival laconic. But “to be nice here”.

The first flight of the Lufthansa launched to the BER in Munich and not in Frankfurt, where Lufthansa’s corporate headquarters is located, was “no coincidence”, he explained. Spohr lives in Munich, it have nothing to do with it, “that I could no longer sleep in”. Rather, it was a small prick against the Frankfurt airport company. The Lufthansa is with the Fraport already long in the Clinch, mainly because of the cost. Even if the two hubs of the Airline in Munich and Frankfurt, Berlin for Lufthansa is something very Special, said Spohr.

The number of guests at a small opening ceremony in the Terminal 1 of the BER was purring because of the Corona pandemic further and further together. In the end there were only a few handful of people, including the architects from Gerkan, Marg and partners. The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) gave the mood of the day quite well again, as he said in his Statement: “It is not a day of jubilee, it is a working day.” Nine years delay in the opening of several billion euros in additional construction costs, the air transport through the Corona pandemic collapsed – all that blocks the view. Back as to the front.

To celebrate Engelbert Lütke Daldrup. Not only because of the airport-in-chief this Saturday, its 64. Birthday, but because he was brought to the airport in the end in motion. In March of 2017, he had taken over the site, still a medium-sized Chaos. “Perseverance” was a trademark of his team, stressed Lütke Daldrup and that is even now necessary. He referred to industrial establishments, such as Tesla in the state of Brandenburg and the development of the Siemens Campus in Berlin. “It will be worth it, the BER will be an important guarantee for the economic development of the Region.”

To start operation Airport CEO Lütke Daldrup and the members of the management Board of Lufthansa and Easyjet, gathered in front of a Podium and oppressed actually each a big red button. It was a strangely anachronistic act for what was described by Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD): “We are experiencing today is the first day of a success story.”

On the forecourt in front of Terminal 1 a lot of look romped in addition to demonstrators and police officers funny. Including Silvia and Dieter beautiful neck. You’ll be in the nearby Mahlow, only ten minutes away. The sun in the flight path, says Dieter Mahlow, however, “we are pleased about the airport.” His wife still works, he is already in retirement, the Couple owns an apartment in Lanzarote. “We are frequent flyers.” And the cost? The Bauskandal? “Oh,” says Dieter beautiful neck, “continue”.

The first departure from Terminal 1 of the BER starts at 6.45 am on Sunday morning. Easyjet flight EJU8210 to London.

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