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Introduction to Quannabu Tokenomics

When it comes to tokenization, Quannabu will integrate the QBU tokens to help the industry penetrate the cryptocurrency market and ensure a smooth experience for its users through making financial transactions. With the integration of these QBU tokens, intermediaries will not need intermediaries, as seen in traditional payment systems. Quannabu tokens also eliminate all of the costs and improve the profit margins.

This token is essentially a utility token, and the generation of it will take place after a crowd sale. It will facilitate QBU token usage, and the transaction system will be integrated. The platform favors token holders that frequently use the token on the Quannabu platform and generates profit for them in this way.

When it comes to the price of QBU itself, it can increase in the long run as it is based on both supplies as well as demand. The increase is not a promised reward, and will never be considered as a purpose of getting QBU.

Holding the token without using it will not be the aim of users.

It’s based on the Ethereum blockchain and facilitates security as well as increases transparency throughout all transactions. This integration will facilitate the use of QBU tokens in the Quannabu ecosystem, and it will even enhance the token’s value within a short time frame.

The total supply will be 30 million tokens, and 1 QBU token will be worth $1 USD.

In other words, the tokens will be supplied with a total figure of 30 million, with the expectation that the value will increase over time, and the demand for the token will end up increasing as a result of that growth in value. Only a limited number of tokens will end up being generated, and as such the manner and pattern through which these tokens are distributed will go as followed:

  • 10% – Team and Advisers
  • 10% Future Strategy Partnerships
  • 20% Reserve
  • 10% Future Development
  • 50% Token Sale

When it comes to acquiring QBU tokens, there are several different ways through which you can do so. As a user, you can receive tokens through buying as well as selling on the Quannabu platform, or through purchasing directly from a blockchain wallet. Another method for their acquisition is through the holding of QBU, where it will have rewards associated with it.

Users can obtain the token from loyalty schemes through frequent utilization of the platform and a positive contribution.

Another way you can get the token is through token sales or auctions, where businesses can patronize Quannabu and accept the QBU token as a medium of exchange and a means of payment for their specific goods or services.

Regarding the loyalty rewards, the points will be introduced for valued users, and these points will have added value that is attached to them as the recipients can convert them to QBU tokens.

This in turn can be further converted to FIAT currencies, with the aid of a wallet. Loyalty rewards that are acquired can be used to pay for pharmaceutical-grade CBD products and testing services which will be provided by Quannabu Labs and other participants.

You can essentially gain reward points through different methods, including testing CBD products at Quannabu Labs or purchasing CBD products that were manufactured there.

They can even be earned through carrying out activities that can promote the token. QBU tokens are intended to be used as a basic medium of payment on the platform, and as such should see their usage sky-rocket as the platform itself grows.

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