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Instagram-scandal – VW is looking for the diversity – economy

A white Hand, who encounters a dark-skinned man around? After a racist ad-clip will look for the auto manufacturer help in the case of NGOs.

Volkswagen wants to draw consequences from the scandal of a racist promotional video. The group announced on Thursday in a conversation with journalists. There is, apparently, “negligence in raising the awareness” of employees, said of the VW brand Board member for sales and Marketing, Jürgen Stackmann. You should definitely “cultural insensitivity” to blame.

In the Video, which was leaked on the Social Media channels of the group is to see how an oversized white Hand pushes a man with dark skin around. In the end, he is pushed in the direction of a café, the “Petit Colon” is, what can you as a nod to the colonialism understand. When the message “The new Golf”, the letter also in a way that in the short term, a racist swear word is on the screen. Marketing boss Jochen Sengpiehl said, he got first of all, can’t believe it all to be coincidences. The internal investigation had shown that there had been neither the advertising Agency nor VW racist intentions – the writing about had been created computer-based, the unfortunate arrangement no one noticed. The Spot was also one of several that should show a dark-skinned man and his Spanish girlfriend. With the selection of the protagonists, you have to actually want to pay particular attention to “Diversity”, and a Signal for tolerance and diversity send, it said. Stack guy: “But it is the Intention of the transmitter, and the other, which arrives at the receiver.” It is absolutely understandable that the Video will be perceived as racist.

Striking: When the Video first on the stack’s personal Twitter Account was posted, expressed user criticism, the Video was then deleted. The marketing Department had been informed, it said – however, the same Clip was played ten days later, in the case of Instagram, where he provoked numerous negative reactions. Many of the internal workings and control mechanisms had not obviously working, it was called in Wolfsburg. Nevertheless, there should be no consequences. Head of marketing Sengpiehl, replaced speculation was, remains in office. There is no farmer was allowed to give a victim, said Hiltrud Werner, group head of integrity and legal. Instead, we must take measures to prevent similar errors in the future.

Among other things, VW wants to set up an independent “ethics Board” that all the advertising messages to check on problematic aspects. We are also in conversation with various NGOs that deal with racism, discrimination and Diversity issues. In addition, attention should be paid to internal Teams on diversity. It will also provide “ethics training”.

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