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Injective (INJ) Primed for Breakout: Analysts

Recent tweets by crypto analyst Ali Martinez indicate that INJ might be about to undergo a significant surge.

Martinez’s tweet drew attention to a historical trend in INJ’s price swings by referencing the TD Sequential indicator, a popular technical analysis tool to spot possible market-turning events. 

He observed that the indicator flashed a buy signal, implying that INJ might rebound soon. Developed by Tom DeMark, the TD Sequential indicator is extensively used by traders to identify possible price reversals and continuation patterns. 

Historical Success of the TD Sequential Indicator with INJ 

The TD Sequential indicator helps traders spot when a market is overextended in either direction by a set sequence of numbers. A buy signal on the TD Sequential indicator indicates a possible bullish reversal or continuation, implying that the asset will likely acquire more momentum. 

Martinez’s tweet emphasizes how faithfully the TD Sequential indicator historically forecasts INJ’s price swings. In past cases, the indicator effectively pointed out significant price rises. INJ had a stunning 700% increase after the initial purchase signal. 

For the Injective Protocol, this notable increase highlighted the stability of the TD Sequential indication and was a turning point. The second purchase signal followed with a remarkable 555% surge. In the context of INJ’s price fluctuations, this ongoing success strengthened the validity of the TD Sequential indicator. The market’s current state is especially conducive to another possible comeback. 

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