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In front of the air traffic peaks: air transport industry wants billions more from the Federal government

In front of the air transport summit
The air transport industry wants billions more from the Federal government

Federal transport Minister Andreas Scheuer endorsed the rescue package. Photo: Frank Molter/dpa

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The Federal air transport industry, further billions in aid? Minister of transport, scouring, and the associations are in favour of the environmentalists due to the lack of constraints against it.

Immediately prior to the planned aviation summit, the Federal government, the industry has called for billions in additional aid from the Federal government.

According to the airlines, the airports and the state-owned Deutsche Flugsicherung with taxpayers ‘ money would now need to be renovated, and require representatives of industry associations participating in for Friday in Berlin scheduled meeting. In addition, the prospects for a pandemic-a safe air transport would have to be created. Against the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), backed the rescue package, resistance of the environment is upset conservationists.

“There must be no irreparable structural breaks,” said the chief Executive of the industry Association BDL Matthias von Randow, the German press Agency. “We are with the second de-facto Lockdown prior to the removal of jobs. Of around 260,000 jobs, solely in the case of the German Airlines and airports around 60,000 threatened are acute.” The companies would have to be at fault because of the demand-slump solid. The weakness of the force for investments, for example for digitisation or for more fuel-efficient new aircraft.

The policy would need to reimburse the airports as an “important sign, and the first step,” the costs incurred in the first Lockdown through the open keep of the infrastructure, said Ralph Beisel from the airport Association ADV. It is for these contingency costs to the sum of 740 million euros, which would be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized airports. Then would have to be considered, such as the airports, you could permanently be sovereign is credited with the costs that would be paid in other European countries by the state.

In the discussion it will also be the participation of the countries, which are often shared with neighbouring municipalities, the owner of the airport operator. Lower Saxony, for example, supports the Scheuer Plan for reimbursement of the contingency costs and suggests assistance to the Hannover airport.

Another of the issues the state-owned Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, which could be because of the charges, failures in liqidität problems. DFS-Chef Klaus-Dieter Scheurle had estimated the loss of Sales by 2025, up to 2 billion euros. In spite of a new promissory note loan of 500 million Euro and austerity measures the need for assistance by the BDL to 1.2 billion euros, has been estimated to remain at the company. Here, the Federal government had to step in as the owner: “Otherwise, would need to be collected during the delicate start-up of air traffic is unrealistically high fees, which would not lift from the airlines at all,” said von Randow.

“We need to find a way forward, to be able to fly safely offer”, had figures of the Frankfurt airport boss Stefan Schulte on Wednesday at the presentation of deep red, business for the third quarter required. He called for a quick test strategy to be also bilateral meetings with the United States is necessary.

The BDL is also to look at the rating of high-risk countries not only on the incidence figures. As a second criterion, the actual number of infected entering the country would have to be included from the respective countries of origin. “The Introduction of risk focused on the now present data on a very small number of countries – and these are not the classic holiday countries,” said von Randow.

Traditional structures should not be with billions in aid thereof, refers in contrast to the ecologically oriented transport club VCD. “Instead of airports to expand, and to sink additional funds in already before the pandemic unprofitable regional airports, it needs a socially acceptable tag in the direction of the environmental network,” commented the VCD-President Kerstin Haarmann. New unconditional grants such as Lufthansa, is no longer allowed to give it, but you would have to be linked to the climate protection.

Similarly, the Green party member of Parliament Sven-Christian Kindler, and Jill Wagner comment. “Companies, which the state helps in this crisis, must meet clear climate conditions, and a sustainable business model, with the Paris climate agreement. This is not the case of many regional airports in the case.”

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