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In five major cities: O2 be the 5G network will start competition is more

In five major cities
O2 will launch its 5G network competition is more

A new 5G antenna from O2 (Telefonica) in Cologne, Germany. Well 15 months after the auction, the 5G radio frequencies in Germany, the mobile communications provider Telefonica, with its brand O2, is in the fifth generation of mobile communications. Photo: Henning Koepke/Telefonica/dpa

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As the Federal network Agency mobile the auction of frequencies for the transmission standard 5G, the network operators deep in the pocket. In the meantime, the Expansion is in full swing, now with Telefónica.

The mobile phone company Telefónica has enabled as a third of the German network operators antennas in the transmission standard 5G. The start-up phase, with around 150 radio stations in five major cities, have begun, said Telefónica on Saturday.

From this Tuesday to customers of the Telefónica brand O2 can make use of the network, if you have a Tariff and a 5G-compatible terminal.

The stations in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne – there they cover only a small part of the urban area. The activation is a first step, in the coming months, telefónica’s Development should progress quickly. In the course of this month, stations will come in ten other major cities such as in Düsseldorf, Münster and Essen. Telefónica is the 5G-Expansion of late, since the company had to close the radio holes in the 4G Standard.

Competitors Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom are considerably more, they began already in 2019 with the 5G Development. Vodafone’s network in the new Standard, now includes over 400 locations, with about 1200 antennas, within your reach about 2.6 million people, according to company information. Deutsche Telekom is already more than 10 000 locations, with about 30 000 antennas – the Bonner group, according to half the population could come into your 5G network. O2 wants to be able to supply in two years, a good half of the population with 5G.

Compared with the previous-Standard 5G is up to 100 Times faster. Especially for the industry, the real-time Transmission is important.

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