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Imanol Arias, before his legal problems: “it Is something that has touched me to my. I take it as something I have to live”

16/10/2020 Imanol Arias premieres, the 22 of October, "The colonel does not have who type" 
16/10/2020 Imanol Arias premieres, the 22 of October, “The colonel does not have who type”


Imanol Arias is one of the Spanish actors that, despite the deep crisis that is living the movie industry in our country because of the pandemic of the Covid, has not stopped working at any time. Next Thursday, October 22, the protagonist of “Tell me” arrives at the Teatro Infanta Isabel in Madrid with “The colonel does not have who type”.

Expectant to this return to the tables, Imanol has no problems in talking about the pending lawsuit in the National court by asking, for tax fraud, to 27 years in prison and 10 million euros in concept of penalty. The actor says, “in my career, I have had a lot of luck and some karma I have to pay. Right now the feeling I have is that there is a long wait, and this is a long wait. What happens to me you can’t talk until it happens, because it does not agree, it is confusing.” Resigned, the lions believe it is “something that has touched me to my. This I take it as something I have to live.”

Arias, very quiet, defends his innocence and that of Ana Duato, and makes it clear that it is not something that has happened only to them. “My case is not unique, there is an 85% of the actors and actresses who have passed through the tv that have the same problem, only that some 20 years ago, the problem is five and the other with three years ago, the problem is 0.50. but the problem is the same. surely some day someone will say ‘how curious, it happened that’,” he assured the leon.

As clear and critical as we are accustomed, Imanol confesses that he has not missed the support of the government in this crisis because of the pandemic of the Covid because “that is already for a long time something that is not expected”. “The profession does not have someone to write from there, not arriving letters from the Ministry,” he joked, playing with the title of his work. “The only thing that remains for the profession is to take care of yourself and have a deep love of life and the profession itself. The important thing is that ourselves and the spectators come to an agreement of survival and honesty”, has indicated, showing the face so hard the crisis of their sector.

Finally, and to paraphrase Gabriel García Márquez, author of “The colonel does not have anyone who will type”, the interpreter claimed the importance of older people in today’s society: “do Not forget the dreams of the elderly.” “In the end of life, it seems that they have a knowledge that it is enough for them and to leave them a pensioncita is already. And we do not learn. Perhaps the biggest, most who give them care, is to get up to listen and say, ‘you know more, can teach us something’. This crisis has caused, it have died many,” he says, lifting his voice to defend the importance of our elders that we don’t always know them.

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