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ID.4 ID added.3: VW builds in Zwickau another pure E-model

ID.4 ID added.3
VW builds in Zwickau another pure E-model

Almost finished Volkswagen ID.3 run in the Volkswagen vehicle plant in Zwickau by the Assembly. Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa-Central-image/POOL/Reuters

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Pouring billions of fleet at Volkswagen in the Expansion of the Electric. After the somewhat bumpy Start of the middle-class stromer ID.3, the production of the SUV ID is now.4 los. Also, for the employees in the plants a lot of changes.

Volkswagen has begun in the factory in Zwickau with the construction of the second model of its new electric series. The SUV, ID.4, the mid-size car ID added.3, which is also produced on the Saxon site.

Both make the start of a series of all-electric car, which forms the basis of further group vehicles in the coming years. Overall, VW’s until 2024 to about 33 billion euros into E-mobility, a third of them in the core brand.

At the end of September, the compact urban site to the Public car will be presented, such as the car manufacturer announced on Thursday. Volkswagen is for the ID.4 a range of up to 500 kilometres. The company wants to build the model in Europe, China, and later also in the USA and sell. It is like the ID.3 on the Modular electric kit. The platform is intended to provide a uniform technique for different models and by the use of identical parts in large production volumes can also save costs.

The Zwickau factory plays for the world’s largest auto group has a crucial role in the Transition to E-mobility. The factory will be converted with an investment of 1.2 billion euros by the end of this year, on exclusive production of E-cars – yet here, too, the Golf Variant was produced. Many Workers were retrained and formed. In the coming year will be produced at the site then, only fully electric vehicles – 300 000 electric cars per year occur in Zwickau. VW is now talking about the largest E-car plant in Europe.

The Saxon factory is something like the germ cell of the pure-electric production. Other Volkswagen plants by 2022, for example, Emden and Hannover. Also in the USA (Chattanooga) and in China (Anting) is a production about the ID.4 planned. The CO2 balance of the new E-models should the neutral fail.

In November 2019 VW in Zwickau, had the construction of the ID.3 started. Starting in 2021, he should come in addition from the “Gläserne Manufaktur” in Dresden, the former production site of the luxury class saloon Phaeton.

After delays in the Software equipment of the group with the first ID.3-specimens, according to recent statements by sales chief Jürgen Stackmann from the 14. September deliver. First of all, was generally of a date in the summer, then from the Start in most of the countries of Europe from the second week of September (7. up to 13.9.) the speech had been.

In June it was said that the cars would still have the full function range. Because of the complexity of IT, the customers were, therefore, some of the subsequent Updates. Group chief Herbert Diess had the ID.3 during his vacation even tested, he was with the car recently for two weeks in the North of Italy on the way.

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