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Ice cream from the supermarket: How much air is in the ice cream

Experiment, the consumer
So much air is in the ice cream from the supermarket

Vanilla ice cream Cremissimo – foamed after Opening the package (left) and after removing the air can (on the right)

© Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg

Industrial ice cream is added with each amount of air. How much air the customer has paid, he does not know the rule. The consumer shows it with an Experiment.

Most people like it when the ice cream is nice and creamy – also means ice cream. This is the manufacturers of industrial Ice cream just right. Because the fluffy consistency you achieve through the use of the best of all ingredients: air. The ice cream is whipped with air, so that small bubbles form in the ice, which only increase the Fluff-factor, but also the volume significantly.

However, in principle, would be nothing (it tastes), if transparent to consumers would be how much air is in your pack of lies. However, in the case of Ice cream, it is sufficient according to the packaging regulation, if the volume is specified and not the weight. The seduced shows some of the manufacturers to maintain air numbers, as an Experiment of the consumer centre of Hamburg.

Experiment of the consumer: How much air is in the ice cream from the supermarket

The consumer advocates bought six packs of vanilla ice-cream of different brands and were letting out the air. You let the ice melt to stir vigorously and froze it again. For example: Some of the packs are filled, after deduction of the air is only half with ice.

Very different air-to-ice ratio

The manufacturer can irritate the Trick with the air impact is very different. Comparatively a lot of ice and a little air to get the customers in the vanilla ice cream from Haagen-Dazs: 1000 milliliters of the Premium brand to bring 870 grams on the scale. In the case of Mövenpick, and Cremissimo it were only a little more than 500 grams, Cremissimo lactose-free weighed just 485 grams and the country’s love of ice cream Bourbon vanilla, only 477 grams.

The foam bat in Test use in addition, a striking number of additives from the lab – stabilizers, emulsifiers, optionally, also the dye and Aroma. Haagen-Dazs came out, however, without this additional food chemistry.

The consumer criticism that the revised Version of the finished packaging regulation, to be adopted in September in the Federal Council, contains an exception rule for Ice cream. Accordingly, may be indicated on the ice cream packaging continues to be volume instead of weight. Many manufacturers – including all of the tested – write now volunteer in addition, the grams indicated on the package. But: The base price on the price tag, the customer, to Compare it to from that is specified per litre and not per gram. So, for example, the country of love-vanilla ice cream can be friendly to 3.91 euros per Liter, is reported instead instead of of of 8.18 euros per Kilo.

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