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Iberdrola breaks down resistances, though you must confirm at the close and volume

Finally Iberdrola returns to shine by itself. It appears that that has been scratching a little pocket to acquire 100% of the shares of the australian Infigen has him sitting pretty good. And it is this strategy of fighting for being one of the greatest in the world of renewable energy is being recognized and rewarded by investors.

However, we need that all things be confirmed in the session today because having to go against the market in a session as complicated as today’s closing of the semester is a recklessness.

So not only do we need to look at closures above the 10,30 euros but also we need to see that volume of hiring is high because otherwise what we might be seeing today may end up being a false break and will have to wait for next sessions to see if you can or not with such resistance.

Evolution of the shares of Iberdrola

Evolution of the shares of Iberdrola

Eduardo Bolinches

However, whatever happens will have to be very attentive to the upcoming sessions of both if you broke the 10,30 euros today as if this is not done because very near we have the old line trend that passes through the 10.43 euros and we could see another turn bearish similar to the one we saw last Wednesday, June 10.

So the best thing we can do is wait quietly to see prices close above the 10,45 € to avoid getting seeing that today has already surpassed 10,30 euros in format intraday low and get stuck with a turn down before the close.

Scenario certainly nothing disposable seeing as it is developing the morning of the global market.

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