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Home office: employees should be able to sell for five euros per day of the tax

Proposal of Hesse and Bavaria
Home office: employees should be able to sell for five euros per day of the tax

The home office should be a lighter tax deductible

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The home office tax deduction, is so far a private room is necessary. Bavaria and Hesse want to plead in the Federal Council for the changes. Everyone who works at home, to be able to five euros per day to settle.

Hesse and Bavaria want to work in the Federal Council to ensure that more people can deduct your home office for tax. In particular, citizens who can set up a private work room, should benefit from the planned “simple variant”, as the Bavarian Minister of Finance Albert Füracker (CSU) and his colleague from Hesse, Michael Boddenberg CDU) announced on Sunday together. The Initiative that you want to bring to the Finance Committee of the Federal Council, provides that in a full day in the home office a lump sum of five euros, as advertising costs can be set to a maximum of 600 euros per year.

Special conditions in the apartment are not according to the plans of the Minister of Finance is necessary. You wanted to, “the additional costs due to the home office can be straightforward in the case of the income tax claimed”, said the Minister. The proposal for carrying “tax simplification” and could help “to restore peace in the current practice of frequent conflicts with the tax authorities in the work room”.

Tax advantages for working from home

It is not the first foray in this direction. Among other things, the FDP Bundestag Deputy Gerald Ullrich already requested in may, more tax benefits for working at home. “The home office should make all tax-deductible,” said the politician. Currently, the only one who can make his work tax-deductible, which instead has a private room. “This too shall pass, however, the reality of most of the workers”, and criticised Ullrich.

Also, the CSU Bundestag deputies with a claim equivalent to the last year of this parliamentary term. The group wants to promote home jobs tax and a “Flexi-week” to introduce, in the case of the employer and the employee on flexible working hours can some.

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