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Historical brand: record for Apple’s stock market value reached two trillion dollars

Historical Brand
Record for Apple’s stock market value reached two trillion dollars

Apple is considered to be the first US company on the New York stock exchange with over two trillion US dollars. Photo: Edmond Terakopian/PA Wire/dpa

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Only in August 2018, Apple has reached out to Wall Street a stock market value of a trillion dollars – 42 years after the founding of the company. Not two years later, the iPhone giant is cracking the next historical mark.

Apple re-writes Wall-Street-history: The market value of the iPhone giant has risen for the first Time on the threshold of two trillion dollars. So a US was never companies are traded.

After a price increase of over five per cent to more than 467 dollars, the market capitalization of the Californian Tech group marked the new milestone.

The achievement of this historic brand is the result of a huge rally is to be had the start of the year, the stock cost just under 300 dollars. This Apple was received only in August 2018, as the first US group in the financial history that created a thirteen-digit rating on the stock.

The company had needed for the first Billion about 42 years, the second in little more than two years. This art piece can be used as evidence for the continued great success to interpret the Apple in spite of a world economic crisis due to the Corona pandemic continues to have with its products like the iPhone.

However, it is also an indicator of the extremely high valuations of Tech companies in General, and the system pressure to the cheap Central Bank money flooded the financial markets. Also, Apple’s U.S. rival, Microsoft and Amazon to control the market value on the two with twelve zeros, even if on Wednesday with 1.6 trillion at the Windows giant, or 1.65 trillion dollars, the world’s largest Online retailer, is still a good piece was missing.

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