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Have you eaten Palomo Spain some time in the house of Raquel Sanchez Silva?


Alejandro Gómez Palomo, internationally known as Palomo Spain, is one of the designers of our country that more art has to create their own works of art that become the trend. Of course, could not miss in the Awards Showcase, with a design that mortal that left us in love.

About how it is changing the way of living with this pandemic that has swept the entire world, Palomo admitted that: “it is Simply changing the way we do things, I want to look to the future with optimistic, we have to learn to live in a new way, but still with optimism.”

Very happy and excited about the recordings of ‘Master of couture’, Palomo assures us that: “yes, we are already at the point of start, in October we started recording and we hope to be in your homes soon”. And it is that we are looking forward to seeing you again between the cameras, a scenario where it operates very well and with such ease that both fascinates us from him.

In terms of how she sees her friend Raquel Sánchez Silva in the kitchen of MasterChef, he confesses that: “I have been several times eating in your house, the last time I went, which was in masterchef, I was shocked because I had everything in the kitchen and all these things… the truth that all very rich”. And it seems that the passing of this by the program has passed the bill in the kitchen and now, surprise, still more to their guests.

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