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Hairdressers reopening in Germany: back on monday

Watch the video: How hairdressers are preparing to reopen in Corona times.

In a few industries, customers and service managers come as close as they do in the hairdressing trade. Accordingly, the closure order has been strict under Corona conditions. Even with hairdresser Barbara Hoppe, comb and scissors had to rest for weeks. But now the phone is no longer standing still. As of Monday, she will finally be able to welcome customers to her salon in Bonn. “And they were happy and they are now happy that they can come back. We have a pretty quiet atmosphere here. And they just think that’s a good thing.” “I’m looking forward to working, I’m looking forward to the customers, the communication, that’s just great. And we have it a little quieter now when we work. I think it’s very nice that it’s going to be an absolute 1A quality for the customer.” The hairdresser has converted her salon for Corona times: Plexiglas for separation at the checkout, controlled entrance and distance markings on the floor. Customers must wear a mouth-nose covering during the stay. Just like the employees at work. After each operation, the hairdresser’s chair must be cleaned and the tool disinfected. And that appointments can only be made electronically or by telephone – as Barbara Hoppe – as I said – already notices.

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