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Grenergy, Cie Autom., PharmaMar and SiemensGamesa

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Finally, the selective Spanish undertook with success the resistance of the 6.800 points thanks to the great support of Telefónica and, to a lesser half by Repsol so now is the time to see if it is able to make a second close above that figure.

Otherwise, the risk of a visit to the 6.450 points which would never very active, as they we can not forget him while we may not see closing prices sustained above the 6,900 points.

However, no matter what happens, we always have a set of values that are doing tremendous good, and several of them are worthy of being in my control panel as they are located in a technical moment very important in addition to having many investors pay attention to them.

What you should invest according to your age?:

1) Grenergy: New highs in value and is now all ready to rush to the attack to 20 euros. while we do not see the loss of 19 euros.

2) PharmaMar: New highs after the crash by the contrasplit of the summer and continues to break small resistance that is found by the way. Now is the time to see what happens with the 120 euros. The only thing that matters now is that you do not lose the 111,50 euros.

3) Cie Automotive: Important to raise the yesterday in which in addition is made with the moving average of long-term passes for 15,99 euro. That is precisely the level of prices not to lose today to be able to continue climbing positions towards the resistance of 17,75 eur.

4) Siemens Gamesa: We continue to see as a follow up little by little way towards its highs of around 27 euros for the year 2007. Important not to lose now 23,70 euros.

Evolution of the shares under follow-up

Evolution of the shares under follow-up

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