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Green plans, the red – economy

How difficult the situation would be in your new Job? Since January, the President of the rail-Chair Sigrid Nikutta had years of experience in top positions in the transport sector, a Barometer for what is in store for them: “If you get in the rail industry, a woman must be the situation really difficult,” said Nikutta on Monday at the economic summit of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. You have felt from the beginning that the chief items in the rail freight subsidiary DB Cargo, one of the hardest would be to forgive the German economy, recalls Nikutta to the Start to the beginning of the year. The Corona-crisis have exacerbated the situation then.

However, the 51-Year-old looks in the Start in a difficult sign, a Chance for the own business. In the German economy is currently much going to be all jumbled up. “What seemed to be ahead of the pandemic is clear, it is not now. This is also a good starting point for a Development of rail transport,” says Nikutta, and she hopes above all on a new transport policy by the constraints of climate change. “It is all for the right Moment. We’re approaching.” Because the goals of the Paris climate protection agreement could only be achieved if more goods traffic is brought in from road to Rail.

“I am convinced that we can carry more,” says Sigrid Nikutta.

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The plans of the railway, a subsidiary of Cargo, however, are large. By 2030, you should try to Nikuttas plans to bring 25 million extra journeys from road to Rail. The largest German state-owned company wants to go with the rail freight transport, in spite of losses on the growth rate. “I am convinced that we can carry more,” said Nikutta on Monday. The freight transport will rise by 2030 by a total of 40 percent. The leave through the current motorway network does not handle. The traffic jams were getting longer and longer. New motorways could hardly be built. The Rail was there, and could be used.

Recently, the road Transport was considerably cheaper than on the Rail

It is self-conscious new tones, the currently under Nikuttas leadership from the freight division of the railway. It is actually considered for years as a problem in the rail division and made for high losses. The former Almost-monopoly on the Rail has lost over the years, around half of the market share to competing freight Railways. DB Cargo has transported in the last year, 232 million tons of goods. In 2010, there were 415 million tons. DB Cargo will extend the offer to Transport on the Rail and more trains in a smaller clock-to let, announced Nikutta already in the summer. The railway subsidiary is also intended to ensure that goods picked up in the absence of a track connection with the Truck and then on the Rail would have brought.

However, it is also for the rail-Head of the Department is clear that this can be achieved is only expected to grow with the support of the policy. Above all, road transport must bear its true cost, called Nikutta. Only fair competition with the traffic on the Rail is possible. Recently, the road Transport was much cheaper. With the fallen petrol and diesel prices in the Corona-crisis had compounded the Problem recently. “I want there to be a fair price on the street”, calls for Nikutta. “The most environmentally friendly means of transport should be promoted. The long-distance Rail.”

Easy to the way out of the crisis for the freight subsidiary of the railway is not. It suffers from outdated technology and infrastructure. Everywhere in Europe, rail freight operators are struggling with similar problems as in Germany.

Whether you trust in a successful restructuring of the freight business, the rail-head post, is Nikutta asked at the end of their presence in Berlin. For 165 years, she was the first Head of the freight train, responds Nikutta. With this success, she was satisfied.

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